The Best Alternative Ways To Use Body Lotion

See these out of the box Moisturizer, and Body Lotion Uses. And be surprised!

1. Restore your old scissors

Are your scissors dull, worn-out, maybe stiff, threatening to rust and hard to open and close? Applying a small amount of body lotion to the metal blade will help as the lotion is basically water, oil.

2. Removing static electricity

After a shower or bath, add moisture to your body. The lotion will act as a barrier and prevent static electricity from building up. Rub lotion on your hands, legs and even a small amount on your hair. Then gently rub your clothes to diffuse shocks directly there as well. Here’re a few more ways to remove static electricity!

3. Oiling squeaky hinges and sticky keyholes

Squeaky doors can be a nuisance, so can stiff locks and keyholes that just won’t budge. Using oil is a great idea but smearing a little bit of body lotion also works. Apply it on your door hinges and your keys before using them will make the metal glide effortlessly and noiselessly.

4. Moisturizing leather

Leather is animal skin, is found all over the home, and dries out the same way human skin does, so this alternative use for body lotion makes perfect sense. Rubbing a decent amount of body lotion into aging leather furniture and other products will revitalize the material and prevent it from drying out and cracking, causing your leather products to last for much longer.
Note: It’s best to use leather conditioner. However, if you’re using body lotion or hand cream, you must test it first by rubbing it in a small amount.

5. Polishing shoes

If your boots are looking a little dull and lackluster like they were just picked out of the dumpster, and you’re unable to find the shoe polish, applying a small amount of body lotion on a cloth and polishing the leather will work.

6. Protecting your cuticles

Don’t spend money on expensive cuticle oils! You can protect your nail beds with common body lotion by applying a small amount to your nails and gently pushing back the skin. Apply it frequently to moisturize properly.

7. Removing stickers and glue residue

Stickers can be tough to remove, and even if you can remove them easily, they always leave that annoying glue residue, making objects look dirty. The oil and wax in body lotion act to soften the paper and sticky glue of the label and then it can be easily rubbed off.

8. Removing stuck rings

If a ring stuck to your finger and you just can’t manage to get it off, use body lotion. It can help with this usual problem because of its lubricative properties, simply smear a little lotion on your finger and try to apply some under the ring.

9. Restoring worn suction cups

Everyday suction cups work by creating a vacuum and manipulating air pressure, but as the suction cups get older, they accumulate holes and dents, which weaken the vacuum. Putting a little body lotion on the cups will fill in the gaps of the surface, fixing the vacuum and making your suction cups last longer.

10. Exfoliating your skin

Exfoliators combine moisturizers with exfoliating mixtures, so rather than spending money on expensive exfoliating creams, make your own exfoliator with common household items. Simply mix body lotion with sugar, oatmeal, crushed almonds, or coarse salt to use an effective exfoliator. See this DIY exfoliator/scrub recipe here!

11. Shaving Cream Alternative

Use body lotion to shave your legs and underarms. It can give you a smoother finish, letting the razor to glide over your skin. Doing so also saves you from moisturizing the skin after the shave, because even after you rinse it off, the oils in the lotion cling to the skin, keeping it soft and silky to the touch.

12. Smoothing split ends


Split ends can be annoying, frustrating, and ruin the look of your hair, and occur when the outer layer of your hair is stripped away, exposing the middle layer and causing the fibers to split and fray. While body lotion cannot repair split ends, the oil and wax in the lotion will temporarily bind them until they can be cut, making your hair look better instantly.


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