9 Doll Organizer Ideas To Avoid Toy Clutter

These doll organizer ideas would save you from the mess of dolls all around the house, plus it’s quite a good idea for a girl’s room decor!

1. Doll Organizer Wall Hanger

Doll Organizer Ideas 1

Screw a row of wooden dowels on a wall-mounted wooden panel to create a unique, space-saving doll organizer. Here’s the DIY.

2. Shoe Hanger Doll Organizer

Doll Shoe Hanger

Make a customized barbie holder with thick plastic straps to utilize the back of your children’s closet doors for toy storage. Here’s the DIY.

3. Shelves Doll Organizer

Shelves For Dolls

Repurposing old clothes rack into doll storage lets you free up some valuable floor space in your children’s playroom. Get more information here.

4. Wooden Crate Doll Organizer

Dolls In Wooden Crates

Building a custom-made drawer from scratch is a clever idea to use up the dead space beneath your toddler’s bed. Get the DIY here.

5. Plastic Container Doll Organizer

The best thing about storing dolls in plastic containers is that they come in different sizes, so you can tuck them in the oddest of corners, like the area under the bed or over the cabinet. Check out this DIY for inspiration.

6. Barbie Storage Holder

With multiple sections for individual storage, an easy hang-up style, and a sturdy velcro lining, a shoe holder is a great organization tool for post-playtime cleanup.

7. Shoe Rack Doll Organizer

Shoe Rack Organizer For Dolls

A miniature shoe rack doesn’t just store your children’s dolls but also keeps them seated in a theater-style, thereby creating a lovely focal point in the playroom. Here’s where you can get inspired.

8. Wall Selves Organizer

Doll Organizer Ideas 2

An array of cabinets and wall shelves are a great add-on to store stuffed toys and dolls in a girl’s bedroom. Get inspiration here.

9. Dollar Tree DIY Organizer

Using cheap Dollar tree finds, this DIYer created an artsy doll organizer that looked just as fancy as a complete dollhouse in itself, thereby making the process of storage fun for the kids as well.

 We hope these doll organizer ideas helped you to avoid toy clutter around your house and save the mess! If you’ve got more ideas to keep toys organized in the house, feel free to share them in the comment section.

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