12 DIY Frozen Cat Treats | Cat Treats DIY

Give your kitty a bunch of DIY frozen cat treats to pamper her with your love and affection all day long!

1. Kitty Ice Cream

Kitty Ice Cream

This feline-friendly kitty ice-cream is a treat to the taste buds and keeps your cat fresh and hydrated all year-round. Make it with this five-minute DIY.

2. Frozen Tuna Cat Treats

Frozen Tuna Cat Treats

Packed with a ton of protein, these frozen tuna treats will have your kitty licking his paws and thanking you with purrs and rubs all day. Follow these instructions to make them.

3. Cat Pops

DIY Frozen Cat Treats 1

Made with spoonfuls of bone broth, kitty cookies, and catnip, these delicious kitty lollipops are a great way to show how much you love your cat. Get the DIY recipe here.

4. Cat-Friendly Frozen Banana Bites

DIY Frozen Cat Treats 2

Bits of banana blended with candy mold serves as the perfect two-ingredient treat to whip up within five minutes. Get the recipe here.

5. Frozen Cat Treat

DIY Frozen Cat Treats 3

Freeze a batch of your cat’s favorite treats with few ounces of raw goat milk to offer a fun and flavorsome way to combat the summer heat. Here’s the recipe.

6. Popsicles For Cats

Nothing like tuna to brighten up your kitty’s mood! Lightly puree a can full with some water and freeze the blend for frozen cat treats.

7. Easy Frozen Cat Treat

Including tuna and salmon, this three-ingredient recipe is a great way to get all the nutrition and taste from your kitty’s favorite food group- fishes!

8. Simple DIY Frozen Cat Treats

Frozen cat treats containing chicken broth aid in water retention and promotes joint health while satiating the taste buds and being easy on the stomach at the same time.

9. Amazing Frozen DIY Cat Treats

Loaded with protein and fiber from the addition of oat flour and tuna, these crunchy cat treats are a great way to pamper your kitty while boosting their health. Get the recipe in the video.

10. Frozen Pops For Cool Cats

Frozen Pops

Enriched with omega-3-fatty acids, these low-carb frozen sardine bites are a healthy way to ensure your kitty stays cool and fit during the summer. Get the recipe here.

11. Frozen Banana Cat Treats

Frozen Banana Treats

In a bowl, take a cup of cat milk and mix it with banana; then mash it all up and freeze them in ice cube trays to whip out treats over the week. Here’s the DIY.

12. DIY Frozen Cat Treats

You don’t need to spend a single penny as long as you have chicken breasts and water in your larder. Try this ten-minute DIY to keep your kitty happily purring all through summer.

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