23 DIY Closet Door Ideas For A Complete Makeover

These DIY closet door ideas are perfect stop if you’ve been searching for a way to transform your interior on a budget!

1. Faux Shiplap French Closet Doors

DIY Closet Door Ideas1

Look how this DIYer turned their wooden bi-fold closet door into french doors and gave it a complete makeover.

2. Plain Closet Doors Look Like a Million Bucks

Painting Closet Door

Give plain closet doors a fresh lease of life with a pair of ceiling medallions and paint. The result is an upgrade reminiscent of old European times. Follow this DIY.

3. DIY Chalkboard Closet Doors

DIY Chalkboard Doors

This chalkboard door makeover DIY will convince you into thinking how annoying and impractical your bi-fold closet doors are right now. After all, there’s nothing like chalk to get some design aesthetics to your room!

4. Mirror Closet Door

Mirror Closet Door

Replace ordinary bi-fold doors with mirror trims to give a cozy and cottagey look to the bedroom. Who knew something as simple as mirrors could have such an effect! Here’s the DIY.

5. DIY Doors Under $50

DIY Closet Door Ideas2

Get the full know-how of building standard wooden closet doors from scratch with this easy DIY. Complete with dimensions and pictorial detailing, it’s excellent for beginners.

6. DIY Interior French Closet Doors

DIY French Interior Door

With arched glass on top and raised panels below, these French doors are a perfect fit for those who want their closet to open towards the bedroom. Make them with this DIY.

7. Closet With Flat Panel Door

DIY Closet Door Ideas3

Adding square panels is a great way to transform the dull look of basic, flat closet doors. And the best part is this DIY requires no tools other than a drill.

8. Cork Board Closet Doors

Cook Board On Doors

Refurbish ugly, yellowed doors with framed corkboards and switch out old, rusty hinges for new ones. Later on, your tiny tot could use them as a canvas for their creativity. Here’s the DIY.

9. Custom Bifold Doors

This DIY gives a polished and sleek look to old, unfashionable bifold closet doors with minimal supplies and power tools.

10. $60 Double Barn Closet Door

With 30 minutes, a pint-sized budget, and little help from this tutorial, you can give a farmhouse look to your closet door you always wanted.

11. Easy DIY Sliding Doors

Sliding closet doors are easy to operate, take minimal space, and add personality to the room. Get them done with this easy DIY.

12. DIY Curtain Doors

When space is a problem, swap out the doors for draperies. They also create a cozier vibe and can be customized to create different looks.

13. DIY Mid-Century Modern Sliding Barn Closet Door

Get a slice of the countryside into your living space with this DIY sliding barn door tutorial.

14. Sliding Closet Door with Shoji Paper

The rusticness and simplicity of wood coupled with the elegance of shoji paper make for a modern solution to frame off a closet.

15. Simple Closet Door

DIY Closet Door Ideas4

What once used to be brown bi-fold doors transformed into vintage-inspired wooden doors adorned with contrasting black hinges and handles. Here’s the full DIY.

16. 4-Panel Barn Closet Door for $50

Panel Barn Closet Door

If your closet fits awkwardly in a narrow space, this sliding, four-panel door is a great solution to bracket it off. Here’s the DIY.

17. Old Shutter Door

Old Shutter Door

With just two overlapping sets of shutters, you can create this beautiful shabby chic closet door; remember, the rustier they are, the better they look. Take inspiration here.

18. DIY Craftsman Style Doors

DIY Closet Door Ideas5

Whether you want to revamp your sliding closet doors or make them from scratch, these five-panel design with their clean lines and modern functionality are a great way to go. Here’s the DIY.

19. Drapery Panels

Drapery Panels

If you like the idea of having access to your closet every time, consider removing those doors once and for all and opt for ruffled draperies instead. They are also perfect for infusing a cozy vibe to the bedroom. Here’s the DIY.

20. Doors With Trim

DIY Closet Door Ideas6

Customize double closet doors with trim detailing for a charming Parisian feel to your closet. This DIY has some tips to get you started.

21. Pink French Door

Pink French Door

If you have existing bi-fold doors or French doors, this DIY will show you how to add a 3-D element to them for a whole new look.

22. Star Trim Door DIY

Star Trim Door DIY

If you want your closet doors to match the personality of bold walls without competing for attention, consider adding trimming details. The star design is a winner for its chic midcentury feel. Here’s the DIY.

23. DIY Door With Chevrons

DIY Closet Door Ideas7

Assembled from thin, wooden strips, this chevron-style sliding door is a contemporary spin to the traditional barn door. Here’s the DIY.

Leave your comments below, and if you’ve more DIY closet door ideas, feel free to share with us!

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