Cistus Tea Benefits | Cistus Incanus Tea Health Benefits

Here in this article, you’ll not just find cistus tea benefits but also the recipe to make it at home. Read on to find out more!

Cistus Tea Benefits

What is Cistus Tea?

Cistus Tea, botanical name Cistus incanus L., belongs to the rockrose family (Cistaceae). Cistus Tea belongs to a genus that accounts for a dozen tea species that naturally occur in Mediterranean regions and East Asia. Different Cistus Tea hybrids exist for differing purposes – as a spice, for medicinal reasons as well as decorative purposes. 

Plants that grow in Mediterranean regions endure a lot of environmental stressors and harsh conditions – like water deficiency, extremely high solar irradiance, and high temperatures. As a result, they have high levels of polyphenols that protect them from such an environment.

How To Make Cistus Tea

1. Infusion

Cistus Tea Benefits2

In a pot of boiling water, add 5 grams (1 teaspoon) of Cistus Tea and let it brew for 8-10 minutes. Strain the brew and take it out in a cup. Drink it while it is hot. You can add a few mint leaves and lemon juice for added taste!

2. Mouthwash

Take 100 grams of dried Cistus leaves, 30 grams mint, and 30 grams of sage. Mix well together and brew for about 20 minutes in a sufficient amount of water. Add about 5-10ml alcohol (or vodka) and store it in a glass bottle. Used as a mouthwash, Cistus incanus acts as an astringent and whitens teeth with prolonged use.

3. Tincture

Cistus Incanus Tincture

A concentrated dose can be prepared with Cistus incanus – 150 grams of Cistus tea, added to 500ml of spirits, and 300ml water. This gives a 60% concentration tincture that you can use to ward off seasonal infections. Take about 15-30ml thrice a day for the best results.

Cistus Tea Benefits

1. More Energy

More Energy

Regular consumption of Cistus Tea encourages a healthy microbiome environment in your body, which leads to higher levels of alertness and more energy throughout the day.

2. Anti-Inflammatory

Cistus Tea benefits also span to cover inflammation caused by Type-2 diabetes, cancer, and arthritis. It boasts of anti-inflammatory properties that help patients with such problems.

3. Treats Sinus Diseases

Cistus Tea Benefits3

For people suffering from Sinus diseases, Cistus incanus helps with unclogging and cleansing of the sinuses. It helps to restore upper respiratory tract functions.

4. Helps in Weight Loss

Cistus tea restores balance in your body to make you feel less hungry. It does this with its diuretic properties that help your liver get rid of unwanted toxins through urination. It naturally boosts your metabolism as the polyphenols in the tea promotes fat oxidation and fastens the rate at which your body turns food into calories.

5. Supports Brain Health

Improves Brain Health

Cistus tea is known to help with positive brain health, and it assists people on the autism spectrum. It can also keep you awake, and the caffeine present in Cistus tea provides a well-needed lift to people who suffer from drowsiness.

6. Antiviral Properties

Cistus tea shows high antiviral activity and assists in the treatment of Ebola and Marburg viruses. It has incredibly potent antiviral properties.

7. Prevents Heart Diseases

Cistus Tea Benefits4

The flavonoids present in Cistus Tea, along with its antioxidants, slow the breakdown of LDL Cholesterol. Cistus Tea also helps in preventing blood clots and improves blood vessel functioning. Therefore, Cistus Tea can help prevent artery blockages and lowers your cholesterol naturally.

8. Antifungal Properties

Bacteria, parasites, and mycotoxins form biofilms on various surfaces of your body, including but not limited to your teeth. These biofilms act as a protective barrier that prevents antibiotics from working on them.

Consequently, Cistus tea helps with eradicating these rampant bacteria and protists and helps break their biofilms.

9. Slows Down Aging

Slows Down Aging

Cistus tea also helps in slowing down aging processes by eliminating free radicals that speed up the process. Because polyphenols and catechins act on free radical elimination, this leads to a healthier, longer lifespan.

10. Treats Gastro-Intestinal Infections

Since Cistus incanus is a natural cleanser, it also helps with treating gastro-intestinal infections by warding off free radicals that might cause damage.

11. Captures and Removes Free Radicals

Cistus Tea Benefits5

Since Cistus Tea is loaded with polyphenol antioxidants and EGCG catechins, it reduces the formation of free radicals in the body, thereby protecting your healthy cells from damage. Free radicals are known reagents in aging and various kinds of diseases.


Cistus Tea – the new miracle drink. Tell us if you feel like adding it to a daily routine, and let us know if it works for you in the comments down below!

  1. I drink or regularly now and I love the way it tastes and makes me feel! I am from Poland and we have farms that grow and distribute this plant, it is also amazing as a topical treatment for skin irritations.

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