Coconut Oil Beauty Hacks | 24 Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil

Here is a list of coconut oil beauty hacks! You’ll be amazed to see there are so many beauty uses for coconut oil.

1. DIY Coconut Oil Lip Balm

Coconut Oil Beauty Hacks

This mildly scented coconut lip balm leaves a slight tint on your lips and enough hydration to last a day, making it perfect those who don’t have the time to separate skincare from makeup. Visit bustle for the DIY!

2. Coconut Oil Sugar Scrubs

Coconut Oil Beauty Hacks2

Refreshing different from chemical scrubs, this coconut oil-enriched version gently coaxes out dirt and sweat from clogged pores, while imparting a glossy finish to your skin like never before. Here is the detailed tutorial.

3. Natural Deodorant Recipe made with Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil Beauty Hacks3

Being skin-friendly and naturally scented, coconut is the perfect ingredient to add to your homemade deodorant. The recipe is here.

4. Coconut Oil To Remove Makeup

Coconut Oil Beauty Hacks4

Removing waterproof makeup is easier with coconut oil. Plus, you get clearer, wrinkle-free skin with regular application. Follow the instructions here.

5. A Wonderful Coconut Oil Soap

Coconut Oil Beauty Hacks5

This homemade coconut oil soap balances out skin pH, promoting intense hydration that lasts long and triggers new growth. Here is all you need to know.

6. Homemade Natural Coconut oil Shampoo

Coconut Oil Beauty Hacks5

Give your hair a break from all that toxic, chemical-rich shampooing and opt for coconut washes instead for a breezy, detoxified feel. The Indian spot came up with this idea!

7. Homemade Eye Cream With Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil Beauty Hacks7

This organic eye cream has the rejuvenating properties of vitamin E and coconut to reduce puffy eyes, lighten dark circles and improve skin tone. We got the inspiration from bellatory.

8. Coconut Oil Body Butter

Coconut Oil Beauty Hacks8

Pamper your skin with the divine goodness of this whipped coconut cream body butter. Click here for the instructions.

9. DIY Coconut Oil Face Wash with Essential Oils

Coconut Oil Beauty Hacks9

This beautifully scented coconut oil facewash is perfect for dry, flaky skin. Know more here.

10. Coconut Oil Face Masks

Coconut Oil Beauty Hacks10

These coconut oil face mask ideas here take about a minute to make and are perfect for every skin type.

11. Coconut Oil for Hair Moisture Treatment

Coconut Oil Beauty Hacks11

A proper scalp massage with warm coconut oil is a must for getting silky smooth hair after every wash. Check out the steps here.

12. Homemade Lip Scrub with Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil Beauty Hacks12

For luscious lips that sparkle, scrub and exfoliate out years of chemical build-up with this coconut oil formula. Here is the detailed post!

13. Coconut Oil Mascara

Coconut Oil Beauty Hacks13

Coconut oil and aloe vera provide the perfect base for a smooth makeup application, while activated charcoal gives the right amount of drama for smoky eyes. Follow this link for the recipe!

14. Homemade Coconut Oil Lipstick

1 coconut Oil Beauty Hacks

This coconut oil-enriched lipstick is fun to personalize and a better alternative than chemical-laden versions. We found the recipe here.

15. Coconut Oil Moisturizer (Whipped Coconut Oil)

Coconut Oil Beauty Hacks15

Whipped coconut oil is a great moisturizer for the skin, removing flakiness, sagginess and dull spots in the long run. The detailed article is here.

16. DIY Eyeliner With Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil Beauty Hacks16

This coconut-based eyeliner is easy to customize and gentle on your eyes while ensuring a smooth application every time. Here’s the DIY!

17. Homemade Shaving Cream with Coconut

Coconut Oil Beauty Hacks17

Get silky smooth skin after each shave with this moisturizing and completely organic shaving cream. The tutorial is here.

18. DIY Coconut Oil Face Cream

Coconut Oil Beauty Hacks18

Infused with vitamin E and tea tree extracts, this light, and silky coconut cream keep your skin hydrated all day. Learn to make it here.

19. Clean Makeup Brushes With Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil Beauty Hacks19

Cleaning your makeup brushes with something natural like coconut is the secret to clear, even skin. Check out this post for more info!

20. DIY Coconut Massage Oil

Coconut Oil Beauty Hacks19

Massaging with this creamy coconut oil energizes your soul, awakening you to the moment yet in a more positive sense. The DIY is here.

21. Homemade Toothpaste With Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil Beauty Hacks21

Get healthy and clean teeth with this 100% vegan and foam-forming coconut toothpaste by following this post.

22. Homemade Whipped Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil Lotion

Coconut Oil Beauty Hacks23

Shield your skin from the elements with this 100% coconut cream that leaves you smelling like a dream all day. The instructions to make it are here.

23. DIY Coconut Oil Night Cream

Coconut Oil Beauty Hacks24

This hydrating DIY coconut oil night cream enriched with the goodness of vitamin E oil ensures you wake up with baby-like skin every morning.

24. Coconut Oil For Stretch Marks

2 Coconut Oil Beauty Hacks

Coconut oil tightens saggy skin and reduces existing stretch marks while preventing new ones from cropping up. Visit helloglow for the instructions!

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