12 DIY Cardboard Cat Scratcher Ideas to Make at Home

Although cats are adorable, they can damage your furniture by scratching. Keep your cat busy with these easy and cheap DIY cardboard cat scratcher ideas.

1. DIY Cardboard Cat Scratcher

DIY Cardboard Cat Scratcher 1

If your kitty is a big guy who likes to sprawl over the scratching surface, this comfy cardboard scratcher offers the best combination of size and texture. Visit Instructables for more details.

2. Easy DIY Cardboard Cat Scratcher

DIY Cardboard Cat Scratcher 2

This sturdy, time-tested cardboard scratcher helps you cope up with all that constant scratching without having to deal with damaged couches all the time. Here‘s the DIY!

3. DIY Cat Head Shape Scratcher

DIY Cardboard Cat Scratcher 3

This catnip sprinkled cardboard scratcher is just what you need to save your velvet furniture from your kitty’s claws. Click here, to know more.

4. DIY Cardboard Tower Cat Scratcher

DIY Cardboard Cat Scratcher 4

Combining the utilities of a toy, a cat tree, and a scratching board in one design. This DIY cardboard tower offers endless entertainment to bored kitties whose masters are away for long hours. The video tutorial is here.

5. Roll Your Own Super Simple Cardboard Cat Scratcher

Roll Your Own Super Simple Cardboard Cat Scratcher

Made by rolling strips of cardboard, this cat scratcher just what you need to keep your pesky kitties off the rug. Get inspired by this post.

6. DIY Cardboard In A Box Cat Scratcher

DIY Cardboard In A Box Cat Scratcher

Bordering an ordinary cardboard scratcher with wooden frame ensures you have something that works well for both your cat and your home decor. Visit apartmenttherapy for the DIY.

7. DIY Cat Scratcher Bed

DIY Cat Scratcher Bed

This snug bed-type scratcher with its cool splash of color is for those who don’t mind going the extra mile to ensure their kitties feel loved and pampered. More details are here.

8. Homemade Modern Cat Scratcher

Homemade Modern Cat

Shaped like a holiday dessert, this coiled cardboard seat is just the right height for your kitty to scratch all she wants without bending too low. Follow the instructions here.

9. DIY Box Cat Scratcher

DIY Box Cat rub

This comfy cat scratcher uses no more than an empty cardboard box and a couple of papers, making it a ridiculously easy DIY project for kitty moms who have their hands full.

10. DIY Cat Scratching Post

DIY Cat Scratching Post

Sure, this project is tedious, but the result is a sturdy cat climber that doubles as a scratching board as well. We found the idea here.

11. Cat Back Scratcher

Cat Back

Fuzzy soft and sandpaper tough at the same time, this corrugated cardboard pet scratcher has the perfect texture to encourage healthy habits in your cat. Learn how to make it here.

12. Cat Face Scratcher

Cat Face

This DIY tree stump by BuzzFeed offers a nice abrasive surface for your kitty to sharpen her claws on.

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