14 Creative DIY Funko Pop Display Ideas

Do you want to give your Funko Pop collection the spotlight it deserves? Then browse this list of Funko Pop Display Ideas!

Turn your figurines collection into a captivating visual masterpiece with these creative DIY Funko Pop Display Ideas! They are easy to build, requiring minimal tools and expertise.

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DIY Funko Pop Display Ideas

1. Funko Pop Wall Display

 DIY Funko Pop Display Ideas 1

Gather timber, copper pipes, a drill, and a few other supplies to create this peculiar display shelf for Funko Pops. Make one for your favorite figurines with this detailed tutorial.

2. Starwards Death Star Funko Pop Display Shelf

 DIY Funko Pop Display Ideas 2

Recreate this death star-themed shelf to display your favorite Funko Pop figurines in style. This shelf is a great way to spice up any dull, empty wall. Watch the video tutorial for more info.

3. Custom Funko Pop Collection Display Cabinet Case

 DIY Funko Pop Display Ideas 3

Built from skirting boards and timber screws, this cabinet case is perfect for displaying a large collection of Funko Pop figurines. It’s easy to assemble, even for a beginner. Hop to this article for inspiration.

4. Funko Pop Display Shelf From Foam Board

 DIY Funko Pop Display Ideas 4

Featuring mirror backing, this display stand can hold up to 12 figurines. It’s one of the best DIY Funko Pop display ideas. Read the details here.

5. DIY Harry Potter Clear Display Case for Funko Pops

 DIY Funko Pop Display Ideas 5

Looking for a creative way to display your Harry Potter Funko Pops? This plastic container adorned with a Hogwarts backdrop is the perfect choice. Check out this article for inspiration.

6. DIY Harry Potter Funko Pop Display Case

 DIY Funko Pop Display Ideas 6

Are you a Harry Potter Funko Pops collector? If yes, then these shadow boxes turned display cases are for you. Find out the tutorial here.

7. Funko Pop Display Shelf DIY

 DIY Funko Pop Display Ideas 7

You only need wood, glue, screws, drill, cutting tools, and woodworking skills to assemble this display unit. See the visual instructions here.

8. Custom Mini Funko Pop Display

Custom Funko Pop Display

In this video tutorial, the DIYer creates an eye-catching diorama out of a glass bowl, decorative stones, and a Funko Pop figurine.

9. Funko Pop Display Cabinet

Display Cabinet for Funko Pops

Sturdy, cheap, and easy to build, this display cabinet is the best way to show off your action figurines and DIYing skills. Gather wood board, a box cutter, nails, glue, and a frame for this project. Get the step-by-step instructions in this video tutorial.

10. Cool Funko Pop Display

Epic Funko Pop Exhibition

Put on your creative hat and craft this amazing Funko Pop display setup with a steel pegboard, hooks, LED, and Lexan. The DIY is here.

11. Funko Pops on Floating Shelves

Funko Pops on Floating Shelves

Floating shelves aren’t just for books and plants anymore! They provide a unique opportunity for Funko Pop collectors to put their beloved figures on full display.

12. Baseball Bat Funko Pop Display Case

Baseball Bat Display Case

Do you have baseball bat display cases? If yes, use them to organize your Funko Pop figurines.

13. Funko Pop Display Ideas in boxes

Stack Them

If you don’t want to DIY or purchase any stuff, simply stack the figurine boxes on top of each other, and that’s it.

14. Acrylic Riser Funko Pop Display Stands

Acrylic Riser Stand

Don’t let your Funko Pops blend into the background. Instead, let them shine on acrylic riser stands.

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