20 Handmade DIY Rat Toys Ideas

From foraging toys to quirky mazes, discover ingenious DIY Rat Toys to keep your pets entertained, engaged, and on the move.

Below are some amazing and fun DIY Rat Toys that will leave your rats squeaking with joy and curiosity. Plus, they are super easy to create with little supplies and tools.

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DIY Rat Toys

1. DIY Rat Digging BoxDIY Rat Toys 1

The rat digging box is a simple and engaging toy that provides mental and physical stimulation to pet rats. It can be easily made by filling a shallow container with safe and rat-friendly materials like shredded paper, cardboard pieces, or even non-toxic soil. Rats will enjoy digging, burrowing, and exploring in the box, satisfying their natural instincts and promoting their overall well-being.

2. Pet Rat Tunnel and Hammock Toy

DIY Rat Toys 2

Easy to make, this entertainment setup is not only fun for pet rats but also a beautiful way of decorating their cage. This toy combines a soft and cozy hammock with a tunnel, providing your pet rat with a comfortable resting spot and an exciting exploration opportunity.

3. Origami Balloon Foraging Toy

DIY Rat Toys 3

The origami balloon foraging toy is a creative and engaging rat toy idea. By using simple origami techniques, you can create a balloon-shaped toy that can be filled with treats or food. This interactive toy provides mental stimulation for rodents as they have to figure out how to access the rewards inside the balloon.

4. Toilet Paper Roll Treat Ball

DIY Rat Toys 4

By stuffing a toilet paper roll with delicious treats, you can create an interactive and mentally stimulating toy. It encourages rats to forage and play, keeping them entertained and satisfied. Get the step-by-step tutorial here.

5. DIY Cardboard Rat Toy

DIY Rat Toys 5

The Small Cardboard Tube Toy is not only a budget-friendly option for rat owners, but it also taps into their natural instinct to explore and forage. By stuffing treats inside the tubes, you can keep your rats engaged and entertained for hours. Hop to this helpful tutorial for more info.

6. Creative Labyrinth for Rat

DIY Rat Toys 6

By creating a maze-like structure using cardboard, you can provide a challenging and stimulating environment for your rat. This interactive toy encourages curiosity, agility, and mental stimulation, allowing your rat to navigate through twists and turns to find rewards and hidden pathways.

7. Super Mario Style Maze for Rat

DIY Rat Toys 7

Take your rat’s playtime to the next level with this ‘Super Mario Style Maze.’ Watch this visual tutorial to recreate this video game-inspired maze using cardboard, paint, and a plexiglass sheet.

8. DIY Bottle Foraging Toy For Rats

DIY Rat Toys 8

Repurpose a plastic bottle to create this fun and interactive foraging toy for your little pet. Follow this YouTube tutorial and learn the process of cutting holes in the bottle and filling it with treats or small toys. This amazing toy keeps them busy, entertained, and mentally stimulated.

9. Toilet Paper Roll DIY Rat Cage Toy

DIY Rat Toys 9

Are you looking for a rat toy that is super cheap and fun? Then look no further and check out this video. Grab a toilet paper roll and a metal or plastic hook to complete this amazing toy project.

10. DIY Rat Climbing Perch ToyDIY Rat Toys 10

The DIY rat perch toy is a fantastic addition to a rat’s cage. Constructed using a sturdy branch or wooden dowel, this toy lets your rat hone its climbing and balancing skills. Read the details here.

11. PVC Rat Tunnel DIY

DIY Rat Toys 11

Grab PVC wye pipe, shower hooks, and an electric drill to make a tunnel for your lovely rats. It’s also an excellent toy for hamsters and other small pets. Make one using this step-by-step visual tutorial.


12. DIY Rat Box ToysDIY Rat Toys 12

With a few modifications, such as holes, tunnels, and treats, you can transform a cardboard box into an interactive toy for your rats. Add various openings, ramps, and levels to the box for more entertainment. The DIY is here.

13. DIY Hanging Tube

DIY Rat Toys 13

Make your pet rat’s playtime more adventurous and comfy with this fabric-covered hanging tube toy. Learn how to create one for your cute little rat with the help of this video guide.

14. DIY Rat Foraging Wheel ToyRat Foraging Wheel Idea

Watch this YouTube guide to craft a foraging wheel with tape, cardboard, scissors, a small wheel, and treats. This toy promotes physical activity and adds an element of excitement to your rat’s daily routine.

15. Easy DIY Rat Toy – Flower Pot Forager

DIY Rat Toy - Flower Pot Forager

Learn how to transform cardboard, empty tp rolls, and a flower pot into a hanging foraging toy for rats in this tutorial.

16. DIY Swing for Pet RatsDIY Swing for Pet Rats

This swing is a fantastic addition to your rat’s play area, offering a fun and interactive experience. It’s made out of pop sticks and hot glue. Learn about this idea here.

17. DIY Popsicle Stick Bridge For RatsDIY Popsicle Stick Bridge For Rats

In this visual how-to, the DIYer demonstrates how to make a bridge for your rat cage out of popsicle sticks, hot glue, and pipe cleaners. It’s one of the best DIY pet rat toys on this list.

18. Frosted Donut TunnelFrosted Donut Tunnel

Find out how to copy this quirky donut tunnel for your pet hamster, mouse, rat, or other small pet in this video. It’s a fun addition to a candy or food-themed rat cage.

19. DIY Small Pet Foraging Toy

DIY Small Pet Foraging Toy

Cost-efficient and super easy to make, this foraging toy is an excellent adoptiversary gift for your little pet rodent. Grab a peanut butter jar, string, a marker, paper easter grass, and almonds for this idea.

20. Handmade DIY Rat Toys

Homemade Rope Toy

All you need is cotton rope and string with no chemicals or dyes and a pair of .scissors to make toys for rats to chew and play with. No sewing is required, just some simple knots and plaiting or twisting the rope.

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