Do Deer Eat Mums | Are Mums Deer Resistant

Do Deer Eat Mums? Discover the answer and learn how to safeguard your beautiful chrysanthemums from unwanted intrusions!

Deer have a notorious reputation for causing destruction to blooming plants and lush foliage they encounter. But Do Deer Ear Mums? Dive into this article to learn everything you want to know!

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What are Mums?

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Chrysanthemums often referred to as mums or chrysanths, are stunning flowering plants that captivate gardeners with their vibrant, eye-catching blooms. These ornamental plants are not only valued for their aesthetic appeal but also for their natural pest control properties.

Chrysanthemums contain a compound called ‘Pyrethrin,’ which is effective in repelling and eliminating various garden pests. This makes them an environmentally friendly and organic solution for maintaining a healthy garden while adding a touch of vivid color to the landscape.

Do Deer Eat Mums Plants?

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The answer to Do Deer Eat Mums? is “Yes.”

Research suggests that deer do not typically prefer chrysanthemums as a primary food source. However, when their favored food options are scarce, deer may want to feed on your cherished chrysanthemums and cause considerable damage to your landscape. Thankfully, there are several methods available to deter deer from invading your garden and protect your mums, which we will explore further below.

How to Stop Deer From Eating Mums?

Explore these effective methods to prevent deer from feasting on your beautiful mums:

  • Natural Homemade Deer Repellent – Save money and keep things eco-friendly with a homemade deer repellent recipe.
  • Enlist a Dog’s Help – A dog can be an excellent deterrent, as their presence and even their urine can help keep deer away from your garden.
  • Plant Deer-Resistant Companions – Cultivate deer-repelling plants like mint, bearded iris, peonies, and zinnias alongside your chrysanthemums for a deer-free space. Find a comprehensive list of such plants here.
  • Utilize Coyote Urine – Sprinkling coyote urine around your garden or directly on your mums can effectively deter deer from entering your yard.
  • Garlic Barrier – Deer dislike the strong aroma of garlic; crush some cloves and scatter them near your mums to ward off deer.
  • Install Deer-Proof Fencing – One of the most humane solutions is to install a deer-resistant fence.
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