Does Irish Spring Soap Repel Mice | Ways to Repel Mice

Irish Spring has a number of uses but does Irish spring soap repel mice? Find the answer by reading the details below!

What Is Irish Spring?

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Irish spring is the name of a green and white, striped deodorant soap, which was first launched by Colgate-Palmolive in Germany in 1970. However, it was later introduced in the USA in 1972. There are currently nine variants of this soap that are available in the market. Besides its usage as a bathing soap for long-lasting fragrance, Irish spring has an array of alternative uses in various home remedies as well.

Does Irish Spring Soap Repel Mice?

Irish spring soap does not repel the mice. However, some people claim on different platforms that this soap will deter the rats because of its strong unpleasant odor, but practically it will not do any harm. And, there is no scientific evidence available to support Irish spring soap efficacy on the rodents.

Uses for Irish Spring Soap

Irish spring soap will not deter the mice, however, there are a number of other remedial uses of it around the house that surely you didn’t know before!

  • As a Pest Repellent
  • Air Freshener
  • Shoe Deodorizer
  • Zipper Lubricant
  • Sticking Drawer Fixer
  • As a Stain Remover
  • Squeaky Door Fixer
  • As a Mirror Cleaner

Natural Ways to Repel Mice

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Traditional mouse eliminating methods are harmful not only for kids but for your little pets as well. That’s why try the below natural, inexpensive ways to repel the rodents easily and quickly at home.

  1. Black Pepper – Sprinkle the black pepper powder around the rodent’s resting place, and on the floor as well.
  2. Peppermint Tea Bags – To use it as a rat repellent, place the used tea bags on the different corners of the house and around the holes.
  3. Borax Powder – Keep the mice at bay, by sprinkling the borax powder on the floor along the walls and basement as well.
  4. Peppermint Essential Oil, Cayenne Pepper, and Cloves – Try the combination of these three ingredients by mixing them together. Then, soak the cotton pads into the resultant liquid and put them where rodents tend to hide.
  5. Kitty Litter – Fill an empty spray bottle with cat litter and spritz it around the mice holes and hiding area.

By reading the above article, you now know that Irish Spring soap is just a waste of time if you want to use it to repel the mice. Before using the above methods, it’s necessary to take some preventive measures such as blocking the entrances of the house, by repairing the holes and cracks.

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