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Toothpaste has an abundance of uses in various home remedies. But to know does toothpaste makes your hair lighten read this comprehensive article thoroughly!

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Before finding out does toothpaste makes your hair lighten, first let us tell you what hair lightening or bleaching is and why it’s done. It’s a method that helps to strip down the color of the strands by using alkaline and oxidative agent. Hair lightening is done to get rid of unwanted tones caused by any coloring session.

Done correctly, it can enhance your overall appearance and strand’s health as well. However, frequent use of the chemical-filled lightening products can cause frizzy, brittle, and breakage to your tresses; that’s why adequate precautions are necessary to be taken during its usage. So, if you are thinking–“will toothpaste lighten my hair?” then read more to find out the answer!

Does Toothpaste Make Your Hair Lighten?

So, if you are thinking of how to lighten hair using toothpaste, then the answer to this is no!  You cannot lighten hair with toothpaste as the salons do. This myth floats on the internet, probably due to its active ingredient named ‘Hydrogen peroxide,’ which is also present in the tresses lightening products. But, as the toothpaste is made specifically to clean and whiten the teeth, it might not work on your strands the same way. Using this method is also going to make it a bit difficult to wash your hair off it.

Alternative Ways to Bleach Hair

Does Toothpaste Make Your Hair Lighten2

If you are looking for the best bleaching toothpaste in the market, you are not going to find any, as it doesn’t exist! However, there are several natural alternatives that you could use if you are looking forward to lightening your strands and the best part, they don’t contain any harmful chemicals meaning all these are hair-friendly:

  • Cinnamon and Honey Hair Mask
  • Apple Cider Vinegar With Chamomile Tea and Lemon Juice
  • Juice of Lemon
  • Combination of Apple Cider Vinegar & Honey With Coconut Oil
  • Bleach Hair With Olive Oil and Honey
  • Try Chamomile Tea With Lemon Juice
  • Olive Oil With Cardamom and Vitamin C Tablets
  • Grounded Cinnamon, Honey With Conditioner and Lemon Juice


  • Always do a patch test before trying the above strands bleaching methods, to make sure that your skin doesn’t have any adverse effects from any ingredients.
  • Don’t overdo the above recipes as it may give you inconsistent shades to your natural or dyed hair color.
  • Always wear hand gloves while using the listed homemade bleaching techniques and make sure the mixture is not reaching your scalp, to avoid the possibility of skin irritation.
  • Also, if you think you can use toothpaste for hair growth, then you can’t as it has no benefits to offer the betterment of your tresses.

Besides, lightening your hair with toothpaste, there is one another effective method that you could use – the combination of Hydrogen Peroxide & Baking Soda. It is undoubtedly going to give your strands lighter shades instantly at your home, without visiting the costly salons. Have a beautiful day!

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