13 Ways on How to Remove Security Tags From Clothes With Hands

Wondering How to Remove Security Tags From Clothes with Hands? We have listed the most convenient options for you!

Are you trying to figure out How to Remove Security Tags from Clothes with Hands? Mostly, they are removed at the store while, but sometimes, they forget to remove them, and it can be hard to take them off without ruining your clothes. But don’t worry; we’ve found some simple ways to do it!

What Is a Security Tag?

13 Ways on How to Remove Security Tags From Clothes With Hands 1

The electronic security tag is designed to catch shoplifters, and it has a signal transmitter in it. It can be attached to any item in the store. The tag is important for Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) to keep items safe

The most common types of Security Tags include:

  • Security Hard Tags: These are small electronic devices that can be attached to items in a store. They are made of metal strips or electronics that are covered in a hard plastic case. They help to prevent shoplifting by setting off an alarm if someone tries to take the item out of the store without paying for it.
  • Alarming Tags: These tags are designed to protect items in a store from theft. They have a small transmitter inside that sends a signal to the store’s security system. If the tag is not deactivated at the checkout, an alarm will sound when the person carrying the item tries to leave the store.
  • Ink Tags: Ink tags are a type of security tag that can be attached to clothing or other items. They are made of a small bottle of ink that is covered in plastic to prevent spillage. If someone tries to remove the tag without deactivating it, the ink will spill and ruin the item. This makes it less likely that someone will try to steal the item.
  • Security Labels: These are small tags or stickers that are attached to items in a store. They are used to help prevent shoplifting by making it more difficult for someone to take the item without paying for it. If someone tries to remove the tag or sticker, an alarm may sound, alerting store security to the potential theft.

How to Remove Security Tags From Clothes With Hands?

1. Use Pliers to Remove Security Tags


To remove a security tag, you will need two sets of pliers. Start by holding the tag with the cone-like side facing up. Then, use one set of pliers to grip one side of the tag and the other set to grip the opposite side. Gently bend the tag with a little force, which will cause the pin and spring to loosen and pop off.

Be careful not to use too much pressure, or the ink inside the tag will spill and ruin the item of clothing.

2. Use the Rubber Band Method

13 Ways on How to Remove Security Tags From Clothes With Hands 2

If you want to remove a security tag from clothing without a special tool, one option is to use a rubber band.

First, position the ink cartridge on the lower side of the tag so that it won’t spill if the tag is damaged during removal. Then, wrap a sturdy rubber band around the tag, loosening it slightly. Take hold of the bigger portion of the tag and apply enough pressure to break the pin that attaches the tag to the clothing.

Once the pin snaps, the tag should separate from the clothing and you can remove it. It’s important to be careful not to damage the item of clothing during this process, and to make sure that the ink cartridge is protected so that it doesn’t spill and damage the clothing.

3.  Manually Remove Electromagnetic Tags

Electromagnetic security tags are sometimes used in stores to prevent theft. If you need to remove one of these tags from an item you’ve purchased, you can do so manually with the right tools.

To start, place a flat, thin object, such as a butter knife, between the tag and the pin head. This will create some space and loosen the grip of the tag on the item. Then, use pliers to snap the pins on the tag back and forth until they break off.

Once the pins are removed, you should be able to pull the tag off the item. Be careful not to damage the item while doing so. Once the tag is removed, you can dispose of it and enjoy your purchased item. It’s important to note that removing security tags without purchasing the item is illegal and can result in consequences.

4. Use a Candle and Plier to Remove the Tags

13 Ways on How to Remove Security Tags From Clothes With Hands 3

The approach is quite comparable to the lighter technique in which you light a candle to soften the ink dome and then employ pliers to detach the label. Nonetheless, take caution not to damage your clothes while executing this process.

5. Plastic Grocery Bag Method

Indeed, you’ve read it correctly. You can remove security tags from your clothing using just a grocery bag. To acquire this efficient and rapid tag removal trick, please refer to our step-by-step video tutorial.

6. Upholstery Pin and Whiskey Cork Method

13 Ways on How to Remove Security Tags From Clothes With Hands 4

To learn how to remove security tags from clothes, check out this tutorial which demonstrates using an upholstery pin and a whiskey cork. If you don’t have steel wire on hand, a coat hanger can be used as a substitute.

7. Use a Dremel

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Removing the security tag from a garment becomes a breeze with a Dremel tool at hand. Start by cutting off the dome-shaped part of the tag using the Dremel. Then, proceed to extract the plastic cap with a wire cutter.

Finally, disengage the locking mechanism, which comprises a spring, a metal piece, and three small balls.

8. Hit the Tag to Remove It

To remove security tags from clothes by hand, follow these steps: First, repeatedly strike the tag against a solid surface to dislodge it. Next, place a nail between the tag and the fabric, and tap the nail head with a hammer to further loosen the tag.

Then, gently pull the tag and tap the garment against a hard surface to completely remove the tag.

9. A High Power Magnet

To safely remove security tags from clothing, simply attach the tag to a powerful magnet with the ink cartridge facing downward. The magnet will loosen the tag, allowing it to slide off eventually.

Once the tag is off, simply use pliers to remove any remaining pins. This method is highly effective and safe for removing security tags by hand.

10. Apply the Two Forks Technique

Although it may sound unbelievable, using two forks is actually a practical method to remove security tags from clothing. To do so, simply insert the forks on either side of the tag and pull them in opposite directions to open it.

This technique is highly effective and one of the easiest ways to manually remove security tags from clothes.

11. Try the Lighter Method

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If the previous solution does not succeed, attempt this alternative security tag remover which should effectively solve the issue.

Firstly, grab a lighter and use it to melt the dome-shaped upper portion of the tag. Next, cut away the liquefied part using a knife or pliers.

Upon opening the tag, you will discover a spring and several ball bearings, which you must extract to eliminate the security tag.

12. Using a Flat Head Screwdriver

A recommended method for removing security tags from clothing by hand involves using a flat-headed screwdriver. First, position the screwdriver at the edge of the pointed piece and twist it to create an opening. Next, use the same screwdriver to carefully lift the metal piece underneath the plastic head that secures the pin.

With this step complete, the security tag can be effortlessly removed from the fabric. This technique is considered among the most effective ways to remove security tags from clothing without specialized tools.

13.  Freeze the Cloth

Although it may seem unusual, there is a helpful hack to prevent ink stains on your clothes. By freezing the affected cloth overnight and allowing it to thaw for an hour, you can use pliers, forks, or even a firm tap on the tag to remove it. Because the ink is frozen, it won’t spread onto your clothing.

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