Liver Cleansing In Just 2 Days With Raisins and Water

The liver helps in removing toxins and purifies your blood, to make it function better you just need two simple and ingredients!

liver cleansing

Water is one of most essential thing for our life, and raisin, such a common ingredient in kitchens. But did you ever thought water and raisin could together form one of the best home remedies that decontaminate your liver?

Why to Clean Liver?

The liver is one of the most important organs in the human body which not only provides energy, but it also fights against the infections and toxins and helps to purify the blood. Various deadly ailments like hepatitis A, B, and C, and liver cirrhosis can attack your liver anytime and may damage the liver functions entirely if you don’t take care of your liver.

How raisins are useful for liver treatments

Raisin water is amongst the simple home remedies, and it is a suitable addition for dieting. You will find an enormous amount of vitamins and minerals in raisins. But for getting the actual benefits of raisins, the better option is to drink its infused water.

Its infused water also has less sugar content, so it is good for diabetic or health conscious people. To get rid of the greasy liver problem you can simply purify your liver in just two days by consuming the raisin water in the morning.

Preparing the raisin water to clean your liver in 2 days:

2 liver cleansing

  1. For this, measure around 150 gms of good black colored raisins and put those raisins in a pot.
  2. Wash them thoroughly with purified water.
  3. Add washed raisins in a pot with 2 cups of clean water. Boil them for 2 minutes on low heat and let them soaking in the water overnight.
  4. Next day you can drink one cup of it either hot or cold, whatever you like on an empty stomach.

After consuming it wait for another 30 or 35 minutes for breakfast.

To get a good positive result, it is advisable to drink the water every day for a whole week. However, it is possible to get some good positive feedback after two days. Note that during this treatment consumption of fatty acids and alcohol is prohibited.

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