Recover 97% of Your Hearing with This Miraculous 2 Ingredient Recipe

These two POWERFUL ingredients make a miraculous recipe that can help you in recovering your hearing. It really works!

Loud music, headphones, age, living in a noisy place and many other factors causes inability to hear clearly. If you’ve not gone towards total inability to recognize sounds, which we say hearing impairment, then this two ingredient recipe can definitely help you in recovering your hearing ability.

Hearing loss is major issue and currently, 20% of all Americans report some degree of hearing loss

That’s almost 48 million people that have lost a portion of their hearing, many of them due to noisy cities and even louder headphones.

A Silver Lining

For those who are suffering from temporary hearing loss, there is hope. Recent scientific research has uncovered a powerful remedy that can recover 97% of your lost hearing. The best part is, the recipe can be prepared right in your kitchen.

Before you consider the magic ingredients, it’s good to know HOW we lose our hearing, and what can be done to prevent this.

Why We Lose Our Hearing


Our ears are very intricate organs. They allow us to hear, by vibrating tiny hair cells found in the deepest parts of our ear. These hair cells are fragile and challenging for the body to repair once they’ve been damaged.

If we are regularly exposed to loud noises, such as music, construction sites, jet engines, trains, explosions, mower, etc. the risk of hearing loss increases. Our ears have natural defenses against loud noises. However, they are less efficient against successive impacts; thus it happens gradually.

So, working in a loud environment without hearing protection, can deteriorate your hearing over time. If you listen to your headphones on max volume every day without breaks, your risk is just as great, and you should AVOID this.

The Two Magic Ingredients

So, what are the magic ingredients we’ve been waiting this long for?


Now you’re probably a little underwhelmed, but these two highly underestimated foods are known for their powerful medicinal benefits. Let’s start with a quick look at the onion.

Onion, why and how it works

Onions have been long cultivated for their intense flavor. However, before the days of modern medicine it was also very commonly used as medication, now an essential ingredient in Alternative medicine and Ayurveda.

Onions contain some very powerful antioxidants. The most powerful of them is Quercetin which works to reduce inflammation and damage to ears that have been harmed by loud noises and air pressure changes. This reduction in inflammatory damage leads to incredible hearing restoration.

Garlic, the reason it helps in recovering your hearing

Garlic is a superfood, due to its plethora of health benefits. It is known for its anticancer properties, combating high blood pressure, fend off colds, lower cholesterol and it even contains antioxidants as powerful as those found in onion.

Allicin is the key medicinal component in garlic. It is an antioxidant, antibiotic and blood thinner all in one, small package. Allicin increases the blood flow to the cochlea (auditory portion of hearing), which means allowing nutrients to reach the cochlea easier. It also reduces inflammation synergistically with Quercetin, leading to rapid hearing restoration.

How to make this magical hearing restoration medicine

The recipe for crafting your own healing elixir is quite simple. All you’ll need is a bowl for mixing, a few cloves of garlic, 20 ml of onion juice, a tablespoon of olive oil, cotton balls and a dropper. All ingredients can be found at a grocery store or pharmacy easily.

To begin, pour your tablespoon of olive oil into a cup then squeeze the juice from each clove of garlic into it. Mix the onion juice in it as well and stir properly for 2-3 minutes. Once you’re done, use your dropper to place 4-5 drops in each ear, then plug your ears with cotton balls. Leave it for some time! You can do this at night at the time of sleeping, for better results do it regularly for some time.

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