Star Apple Leaves Health Benefits You Should Know

Keep reading this detailed article to know the about star apple leaves health benefits that will definitely change your life!

What Is Star Apple?

Star Apple Leaves Health Benefits1

Star apple tree is indigenous to the Caribbean, and the Greater Antilles belongs to the ‘Sapotaceae’ family along with ‘Chrysophyllum’ genus. Its botanical name is ‘Chrysophyllum cainito’ and can achieve a height of up to 25 to 100 ft. Star apple has several vernacular names:

  • Tar apple
  • Caimito
  • Purple star apple
  • Abiaba
  • Pomme de lait
  • Milk fruit
  • Cainito
  • Aguay
  • Estrella
  • Star-plum
  • Murucuja

Star apple fruit has a star or asterisk-like inner core, which is similar to that of an apple. Its leaves are oval and 5–15 cm long. Every part of the star-plum tree (like bark, seed, fruit pulp, and leaves) have significant medicinal properties. It can either be used in the form of tea, ointment, or decoction.

Star Apple Leaves Health Benefits

Below are some star apples leaves health benefits that you surely didn’t know before!

1. Great Wound Healer

Star Apple Leaves Health Benefits2

The extract of Estrella leaves has wound healing and antioxidant capability. This is due to the presence of gallic acid in the leaves. This acid is a well known phenolic compound, which is infamous for its antioxidant properties.  Its leaves can be used topically in the form of an ointment or gel to heal the wounds.

2. Maintains Oral Health

Leaves of a star-plum tree are helpful in the maintenance of oral health. As the leaves have antiseptic and antibacterial properties, it can be an effective mouthwash. It can be useful to reduce cavities, minimizing the bad breath, dental diseases, oral infections, and gum-related problems as well.

3. Has Anti-inflammatory & Anti-hypersensitive Properties

The crude methanolic extract of Star-plum leaves has anti-inflammatory and anti-hypersensitive properties. This is because of its richness in triterpenes-like compounds, that manages the neuropathic pain, and chronic inflammation-like conditions.

4. Ease Stomach Ache

Ease Stomach Ache

Caimito leaves has healing capability to ease the pain related to the stomach. Its leaves contain emollient having anti-inflammatory activity, helpful in soothing the stomach ache.

5. Has Antioxidant Properties

Leaves of the star apple tree are a rich source of antioxidants, thanks to their phenolic and flavonoids-like compounds. The antioxidants can prevent the damage of free radicals (rogue cells) by blocking the oxidation process.

6. Having Immunomodulatory Effect

Having Immunomodulatory Effect

The extract of Estrella leaves has an Immunomodulatory effect that blocks the inflammation-causing  ‘macrophages’ by inhibiting its further process. A macrophage is a white blood cell of the immune system which’s liable for the inflammatory process. This happens because of its lupeol acetate and alpha-amyrin acetate-like compounds.

Star-plum leaves can have lethal side effects if you consume it without strict medical supervision. Therefore, we recommend you consult your medical practitioner for every pros and cons.

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