10 PROVEN Medicinal Clove And Clove Oil Uses In Everyday Life

Learn about 10 proven medicinal clove and clove oil uses that you can try in your everyday life!

Clove, a spice that we use for many culinary purposes is a small dried flower bud that comes from the clove tree. Its unique and exotic, penetrating, sweet flavor makes it a useful spice.
But do you know the clove is used in alternative medicines as well? Many helpful home remedies include clove as an essential ingredient.

1. Relieves tooth pain

As far as toothache is concerned, clove is one of the most popular home remedies, offering quick relief. The analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of clove oil can reduce the swelling around the infected tooth and thus provide you great relief. Read more about this here!


All you need to do is grind 1-2 cloves, combine it with little olive oil, and apply this on the affected tooth. Or, apply a little clove oil on the affected tooth using a cotton swab.

2. Cures Vomiting and Nausea

If you are feeling nauseous, then clove can benefit you due to its soothing and aromatic properties. Even those suffering from pregnancy-related morning sickness or nausea can also try this home remedy.


You can simply chew a clove or two. Or, you may put a few drops of clove oil on a piece of cloth, and inhale its smell.

3. Prevents bad breath

Cloves can also help you get rid of the bad breath by helping kill the bacteria in your mouth that causes the same. Additionally, it helps completely clean your tongue and upper part of your throat of decaying matter and bacteria.


To enjoy these benefits, just chew a few cloves, and just within a few minutes, you will experience the excellent results. You may even gargle with cool clove tea 2-3 times each day to get rid of bad breath problem.

4. Get relief from joint pain

Clove is known for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, and owing to this, it can reduce inflammation, thus resulting in relief from arthritis pain, muscle aches, and joint pain.


Just take a little clove oil, combine it with any other carrier oil like olive oil, almond oil, and massage the areas where you experience pain. Do this at least a few times a day to enjoy quick relief.

5. Better digestion

It is the carminative properties of cloves that help improve digestion easily. They aid in the production of enzymes in your digestive tract thus boosting digestion.


Just add a little clove powder to your food, or you may chew on a clove after having your meals.

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6. Helpful for your respiratory system

Cloves are great for your respiratory system because of their antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and expectorant properties. You can use them to treat stuffy nose, common cold, viral infections, sore throat, and other such conditions.


To enjoy the effects you can drink clove tea (2-3 times) every day, or you may add a few drops of clove oil into a bowl of hot water, and inhale the steam.

7. Relief from earaches

Due to its mild antibacterial and anesthetic properties, clove can give you almost instant relief from ear infections and earaches.


Mix equal amount of sesame oil and clove oil and warm it slightly. Take a cotton ball to soak it in this mixture, and keep it inside your ear canal. You will soon experience relief from the pain.

8. Gets rid of headaches

Clove oil can quickly help you get rid of a headache. No matter it is caused by cold, migraine, or stress.


Just add a few drops of clove oil on a handkerchief and keep it on your forehead and allow it to stay for about 15 minutes.

9. Get relief from stress

Clove with its soothing aroma can help you get rid of stress and makes you feel relaxed.


Before you go to take a bath, add a few drops of clove oil into your bathing water, and enjoy a relaxing soak. Alternatively, you can sip clove tea to keep the stress in check.

10. Treat acne

Cloves can cure acne and other skin problems like pimples, scaly skin, scarring, whiteheads, and so on. They can also help get rid of the scars that are left behind by acne.


Just combine clove oil with a carrier oil like coconut or jojoba in the ratio of 1:10. Use a cotton swab to apply the mixture on the affected area.

So, now that you are aware of some of the most useful clove home remedies, start trying them right away, and you surely will be amazed by the wonderful outcome.

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