11 DIY Dragonfly With Fan Blades For Garden

DIY dragonfly with fan blades is a great way to repurpose old fan blades into an attractive decor piece to spruce up your garden!

1. Table Leg Dragonflies

Table Leg Dragonflies

Using ceiling fan blades as the wings and spindles as the body, you can create a bunch of these whimsical dragonfly creations to liven up your backyard fence. This DIY is a great solution to repurpose old furniture lying around your storeroom.

2. Ceiling Fan Blade Dragonfly

Ceiling Fan Blade Dragonfly

Add color and character to the garden outside whilst the flowers are yet to bloom with this quirky dragonfly DIY.

3. DIY Dragonfly With Fan Blades

DIY Dragonfly With Fan Blades1

This fun DIY is best for those that have a couple of ceiling fan blades in different shapes. That way you can create a colorful fence display with multiple textures.

4. Easy Dragonfly DIY

DIY Dragonfly With Fan Blades2

This elaborate DIY has separate instructions for creating each part of your dragonfly mimic with perfection, be it the eyes or the antenna.

5. Fan Blades Into Giant Dragonflies

Fan Blades Into Giant Dragonflies

Usher in giant dragonflies to your garden with this simple upgrade of ceiling fan blades using screws, spindle, and distressed paint. The end result will have passersby stopping for a good look. Here’s the DIY.

6. Garden Art Dragonfly

Garden Art Dragonfly

With low-cost household supplies and a screwdriver, you can create quirky garden art inspired by the world of arthropods. The best part of this DIY is that with little changes here and there, no two will be alike.

7. Fun Ceiling Fan Dragonfly

The cluster of three giant dragonflies looks like they’re about to overtake your garden. Paint them in an unconventional color for an offbeat look.

8. Simple Dragonfly DIY

Take a cue from this DIY and leave your ceiling fan dragonflies in their raw, rustic appeal sans paint or finishing touches.

9. DIY Garden Dragonflies

DIY Dragonfly With Fan Blades3

Two is always better than one, don’t you think! Two pairs of ceiling fan blades and table legs get new life in this shabby chic DIY idea.

10. Two Color Wings Dragonfly

Two Color Wings Dragonfly

Get hold of a staircase spindle and fan blades painted in cheery colors to create a larger-than-life dragonfly, perfect for sprucing up the garden fence. Here’s the DIY.

11. Beautiful Ceiling Fan Dragonfly

Beautiful Ceiling Fan Dragonfly

All you need is some spray paint and a piece of wood to create a stunning butterfly out of an old fan’s blades. Get more instructions in this DIY.

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