15 DIY Dragonfly with Fan Blades | Dragonfly Made Out of Fan Blades

Spruce up the appearance of boring fences, walls, and other bland garden spots using these DIY Dragonfly Fan Blades ideas!

Transform old fan blades into whimsical garden ornaments and bring enchanting flair to your outdoor space. Read on to learn how to DIY Dragonfly with Fan Blades below!

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DIY Dragonfly With Fan Blades

1. Table Leg Dragonflies

DIY Dragonfly With Fan Blades 1

Liven up your backyard fence with these whimsical dragonflies. In this project, ceiling fan blades are used as wings, and spindles as the body. This DIY is a great solution to repurpose old furniture lying around your storeroom.

2. Ceiling Fan Blade Dragonfly

DIY Dragonfly With Fan Blades 2

Add color and character to the garden whilst the flowers are yet to bloom with this quirky Dragonfly with Fan Blades DIY.

3. Repurpose Fan Blades to Dragonflies

DIY Dragonfly With Fan Blades 3

Learn how to use a ceiling fan and spindles for this fun, cheap, and easy-to-create yard decor project. It’s one of the best Dragonfly with Fan Blades ideas.

4. Easy Dragonfly for the Fence

DIY Dragonfly With Fan Blades 4

Mimic this big dragonfly perfectly using this DIY that has detailed instructions for creating each part, be it the eyes or the antenna.

5. Attractive Giant Dragonfly

DIY Dragonfly With Fan Blades 5

Upcycle old ceiling fan blades and let the giant dragonfly invade your garden or yard. Grab fan blades, screws, spindles, and distressed paint for this project. This outdoor decor will surely attract a lot of attention. Here’s the tutorial.

6. Garden Art Dragonfly

DIY Dragonfly With Fan Blades 6

With some household supplies and a screwdriver, you can create quirky garden art inspired by the world of arthropods. Hop to this article for more info.

7. Ceiling Fan Dragonfly Garden Ornament

DIY Dragonfly With Fan Blades 7

The cluster of three giant dragonflies looks like they’re about to overtake your garden. Paint them in an unconventional color for an offbeat look. Follow the tutorial for this Dragonfly with Fan Blades idea.

8. Simple Wooden Dragonfly DIY

Simple Wooden Dragonfly DIY

Make your garden stand out in the neighborhood with this wooden-textured dragonfly. Watch this YouTube video for inspiration.

9. DIY Garden DragonfliesDIY Garden Dragonflies

Two is always better than one, don’t you think? This pair of colorful dragonflies make this boring wall more interesting and captivating.

10. Two Color Wings Dragonfly

Two Color Wings Dragonfly

Get hold of a staircase spindle and fan blades painted in cheery colors to create a larger-than-life dragonfly. It’s perfect for sprucing up the garden fence. Read the details here.

11. Dragonfly With Floral Patterns

Dragonfly With Floral Patterns

Spice up the visual appeal of your old garden fence with this floral patterned dragonfly. Get detailed instructions here.

12. Mosaic Ceiling Fan Dragon Fly

Mosaic Ceiling Fan Dragon Fly

Turn mundane fan blades into a stunning statement piece with a vinyl mosaic and a few modifications. Here are the instructions to make a dragonfly.

13. Dragonfly Fan Blade with Lace

Dragonfly Fan Blade with Lace

Roll up your sleeves and gather the required supplies to build this multi-colored, intricate dragonfly. Click here for the detailed tutorial.

14. Fantastic Cobweb Printed Dragonfly Fan Blades

Fantastic Cobweb Printed Dragonfly Fan Blades

In this visual tutorial, the DIYer repurposes an old ceiling fan into a prehistoric dragonfly, perfect for indoor and outdoor spaces.

15. Prehistoric Dragonfly DIY

Prehistoric Dragonfly DIY

Make your garden fence the center of attraction with a handmade dragonfly. An old tablecloth is used in this project to make beautiful patterns. This display piece is easy and cost-effective.

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