18 Pineapple DIY Costume For Halloween Makeover

Give a bright touch to your Halloween wear with any of these pineapple DIY costume ideas. The fun part is that we not only have costume ideas for you but your kids and pets too!

1. $3 DIY Costume

Pineapple DIY Costume1

If you’re still wondering what to dress up as for Halloween, consider going with the pineapple theme. It’s low-cost, and a welcome respite from the hideous costumes you’ll see around. Here’s the DIY.

2. DIY Costume for Halloween

Pineapple DIY Costume2

Add impact and a pineapple punch to your regular yellow dress with this fascinating headgear made from green poster board and rolls of toilet paper. Here’s the DIY.

3. Super Easy DIY Pineapple Costume

Pineapple DIY Costume3

If there’s ever a time when you’ll have to create a new costume at the last minute, this is the DIY for you. With a yellow top, matching leggings and a two-minute leaf sprout for the head, you’ll be good to go.

4. No Sew  Halloween Costume

Pineapple DIY Costume4

This adorable, no-sew costume idea is the easiest way to make your tiny tot look like a pixie from fairyland. Plus, you can follow the same theme for other fruits as well.

5. Brown Fabric Marker Costume

Pineapple DIY Costume5

Albeit it’s not a last-minute DIY, but it’s worth the effort, and having a yellow dress from beforehand makes it all the easier. Also, the three-dimensional headgear adds so much character to the look.

6. Dog Costume

Bring the fun colors of summer to fall with this cute pineapple-themed outfit to dress up your pet for Halloween. Follow the DIY here.

7. Last-Minute DIY Costume

If you hate having to sew things from scratch, take a hint from this DIYer and put together a fun outfit using a yellow dress and a black Sharpie marker for a more realistic touch.

8. DIY Costume From Paper

Undoubtedly, one of the easiest, low-cost design ideas in the list, this one is perfect for when you have to pose like whimsical characters on a budget. Watch the video.

9. DIY Baby Pineapple Costume

Customize a yellow baby onesie with orange felt strips to create the most adorable and artsy mimic of the much-loved tropical fruit. The DIY is in the video.

12. Simple Felt Pineapple Costume

Pineapple DIY Costume12

This DIY is mostly all about mix and match, but there is a fascinating idea to whip up a quirky headband that is sure to raise the cutesy level of the look.

13. Toilet Paper Roll Costume

Add a fun twist to your regular yellow dress with an eye-catching, pineapple-themed headband. This DIY has the instructions.

14. Teen Girls Costume

Pineapple DIY Costume14

The teen girl’s version of the pineapple costume is both adorable and mildly rambunctious, making it a summer staple for vacation days. Get the DIY here.

15. Handmade Baby Costume

Pineapple DIY Costume15

If you hate sewing up costumes from scratch, consider getting them readymade and dyeing them in the color of pineapple for a nice, personal touch. Here’s the DIY.

16. DIY Kids Costume

Pineapple DIY Costume16

Upcycled from an old fleece t-shirt, this head-to-toe pineapple costume uses green felt fabric for the headgear and is super easy to make that requires no sewing whatsoever. Find the DIY here.

17. No-Sew Baby Costume

The two things best about this costume is that it is no-sew and involves a design that can be adapted to look like all kinds of fruit, making it a perfect solution for dressing up a bunch of kids for Halloween. Here’s the DIY.

18. DIY Dog Halloween Costume

If there’s anything that could make your pooch even more adorable than he already is, it is this perky pineapple costume made from a baby’s onesie. Get more instructions here.

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