26 DIY Peel Off Face Mask Without Gelatin

Since gelatin may react to some people’s skin, try these DIY peel off face masks without gelatin for glowing skin! Most of these recipes include natural ingredients and so are absolutely safe and non-toxic.

1. Charcoal And Glue Face Mask

Charcoal and glue peel off mask

This DIY combines the detoxifying properties of activated charcoal with the peel-off functions of glue to create a mask that works like pore strips to facilitate better extraction of blackheads.

2. DIY Peel Off Face Mask Using Activated Charcoal (Without Glue)

Activated charcoal peel off mask

If you just can’t bring yourself to slather your face with glue, consider this glue-free charcoal mask that removes facial gunk equally well and draws on the peel-off properties of agar instead. Here’s the DIY.

3. Egg White & Lemon Juice Mask

DIY Peel Off Face Mask Without Gelatin1

For a mask that is as exfoliating as it is nourishing, consider whipping up egg whites and lemon juice. The latter removes impurities while the high-fat content of eggs seal in moisture and firm up sagging skin. Get the DIY here.

4. Moringa Face Peel Off Mask

Moringa Peel off mAsk

Remove every trace of sleepless nights from your face with this energizing moringa face mask loaded with vitamins and antioxidants. Get the DIY here.

5. DIY DIY Peel Off Face Mask Without Gelatin

DIY Peel Off Face Mask Without Gelatin2

Whether you want to lighten complexion naturally or get a radiant glow, this DIY has some easy, two-ingredient ideas to get you started.

6. Glue Face Mask

DIY Peel Off Face Mask Without Gelatin3

This clever DIY is a genius way to remove localized blackheads, like in the oily T-zone area or the chin. Additionally, there’s that oddly fulfilling feeling of peeling off glue to reveal fresh and soft skin beneath.

7. DIY Herbal Seaweed Mask

Herbal Seaweed Peel Off Mask

Loaded with vitamin A and C, and a host of micronutrients, herbal seaweed extracts are probably the most potent skinfood ever. It even promotes collagen production, thereby making your skin firmer and more youthful than ever. Get the DIY here.

8. Cucumber with Glycerine Face Mask

DIY Peel Off Face Mask Without Gelatin4

If you want to lighten your skin with an organic DIY, look no further. Involving cucumber for a brightening effect and glycerin to aid in skin renewal, this easy recipe is a boon for sunburnt skin.

9. Honey And Cinnamon Face Mask

Honey and Cinnamon Peel off mask

Remove blackheads and get even skin tone with this organic peel-off mask combining the gentle exfoliating properties of cinnamon and the toning effects of honey. Here’s the DIY.

10. DIY Orbeez Slime Peel Off Face Mask WITHOUT Glue

Easy to apply and remove, this Orbeez face mask has an unmistakable facewash-like feel to it. But don’t dismiss it just yet. It includes cornstarch that has emollient properties, making it perfect for soothing and nourishing irritated skin.

11. Aspirin Mask For Face

When you have large pimples to combat, aspirin is your best bet. It’s a close cousin to salicylic acid and has the potential to fade newly emerging wrinkles as well. Follow the recipe in the video.

12. Silver Glitter Face Mask

No, you don’t have to look like a zombie from the netherworlds with your face mask on. This skin-friendly DIY mask combining glitter and skin-friendly glue makes you look like every bit of the gorgeous diva that you are.

13. Metallic Gold Peel Off Mask

Make the painful process of peeling off face mask super fun in winters with this hydrating mix infused with glycerin, vanilla and rosemary extracts, and of course lots of golden glitters.

14. DIY Vegan Face Mask

This cruelty-free DIY face mask taps onto the antioxidant-rich content of matcha and the slime-like properties of agar-agar to ensure a toxin-free peel-off mask that reverses damage from sun and pollution.

15. Agar-Agar Peel-Off Mask

Get smooth and clear skin sans blackheads with this highly effective peel-off mask that gets its glue-like property from agar-agar.

16. DIY Galaxy Slime Face Mask

Another stunning consequence of mixing different types of food coloring with slime, this aloe vera gel-infused peel-off mask is a fun take on skincare, making it worth a try in sleepover parties.

17. Bentonite Clay And Charcoal Face Mask

DIY Peel Off Face Mask Without Gelatin5

One of the most potent masks for those times when you need to look naturally radiant in a jiffy, this DIY charcoal mask traps and removes facial impurities and leaves a soft, bouncy finish, thanks to the presence of raw honey.

18. Egg White And Whisk Face Mask

DIY Peel Off Face Mask Without Gelatin6

If you have raw eggs sitting in your refrigerator, consider cracking them open and extracting their whites to make this moisturizing mask that eliminates whiteheads, blackheads and lends a firming effect on the skin. Here’s the DIY.

19. Banana Peel Off Mask

Banana Peel off mask

If peel-off masks seem too harsh to handle in the winter, consider turning towards this ultra-moisturizing mix of banana and honey. These two ingredients are also your best bet at giving a robust mineral boost to dull skin. Get the complete DIY here.

20. Ultimate DIY Peel Off Mask

For skin ravaged with acne and dirt build-up, this charcoal peel-off face mask is Godsend. It’s easy to remove and pulls off the gunk from your pores in the process. Check out the DIY in the video.

21. DIY Rainbow Peel Off Face Mask

Give your Instagram profile a beauty blogger update with this fascinating rainbow-themed face mask that does zero damage to your skin and instead leaves you glowing and refreshed.

22. DIY: Honey Lemon Face Mask

This detan face mask contains lemon juice that gently exfoliates and bleaches, removing sunburnt patches. It also has honey that leaves a dewy finish on the face. Follow the video.

23. Matcha Green Tea Peel Of Face Mask

Matcha Green Tea Peel Off Mask

The ultimate skinfood for detox, matcha green tea comes enriched with catechols and polyphenols that together with the fatty acids in yogurt make for a revitalizing mask that lends a mirror-like shine on your face. Find the DIY here.

24. DIY Lemon Juice Peel Off Face Mask

When you want a holistic skincare remedy that eliminates cellular debris, promotes repair and nourishes from deep within, consider this all-natural mask made with egg yolks, olive oil, and lemon juice.

We hope that these DIY peel-off face mask without gelatin recipes were able to solve your skin problem. If you have more ideas, feel free to share it with us!

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