45 Art Supply Organizer Ideas To Remove Clutter

These art supply organizer ideas will help you to declutter your kids’ room or even your room if you’re a DIYer. All these ideas are basic and simple to understand and execute.

1. Pie Pan Art Supply Organizer

Pie Pan Art Organizer

Created from old tin pans, this multi-tiered storage rack keeps tiny craft supplies from getting lost in the shuffle. The countertop-friendly design is the icing on the cake. Here’s the DIY.

2. Distressed Mason Jars Art Supply Organizer

Declutter Supplies Using Mason Jar

Free up countertop space for tinier, smaller stuff by housing your craft tools in mason jars jazzed up with distressed spray paint. Here’s the DIY.

3. Spice Rack Organizer

Spice Rack Organizer

Your spice rack is meant for so much more, like in this case, it was a handy storage item to have when this DIYer converted her office space into a craft room.

4. Ribbon Storage And Organizer Rack

Ribbon Storage

Get hold of a thrift store movie stand and give it a craft room-friendly update with paint. The result is a movable ribbon rack with adequate space for new entries when the time comes. Here’s the DIY.

5. Hanging Shoe Art Supply Organiser

Hanging Shoe Art Storage

A wall-mounted rack originally meant for shoes gets a different meaning when you stuff in playthings and craft things into its clear plastic pockets. Follow this DIY for the tutorial.

6. Get Arty with a Tackle Box

Art Supply Organizer Ideas1

This divider craft storage box is a great DIY project for preschoolers to learn about the basics about craft organization and even take their sewing skills up a notch.

7. Divided Storage Caddy Art Supply Organizer

Storage Caddy for Art Items

Featuring plastic cups to hold scissors and coloring pens, a neat little tray to stash away coloring books and tiny compartments for tapes, this multipurpose storage box is a good way to ensure your tiny tots do their craft homework in time. Here’s the DIY.

8. Organize Art Supply In The Cart

Art Supply Organizer Ideas2

A rolling cart of your art supplies may seem too fancy for your liking, but it’s a fun prop to have handy for when creativity comes calling. Make one with this DIY.

9. Crayon Roll Organizer

Crayon Roll Organizer

With a design that has crayons slipping into their own pockets, this art organizer is easy to whip up using fabric and minimal sewing skills. Getting the measurements right is tricky, but this DIY can help.

10. Labeled Kids Art Supplies Buckets Organizer

Art Supply Organizer Ideas3

These cute Ikea buckets are great for holding basic supplies and make cleanup easy after art times. Get the complete hack here.

11. Upcycled Dip Container Organizers

Dip Container Storage

When it comes to art supply storage, it’s the little things that cause maximum annoyance, but this DIY hack gives you a way out by using spare dip containers to store your nails, bolts, buttons, and keys.

12. Hanging Up Fabric Scraps

Hanging Up Fabric Scraps

Hang up pretty fabric scraps from multi-rung hangers to whip out the ones you need without crumpling the others in the process. Here’s the DIY.

13. PVC Pipe Marker Organizer

Art Supply Organizer Ideas4

This pyramid-shaped arrangement of glued PVC pipes is perfect for holding individual marker clusters in the same color group. The stylish look it offers is the cherry on the cake. Here’s the DIY.

14. DIY Gift Wrap Organizer Station

DIY Gift Wrap Organizer

Complete with dowel rods for holding rolls of gift wrapping paper and a series of hooks to hold individual gift bags, this elaborate art station keeps everything you need at the 11th hour within arm’s reach. Follow this DIY.

15. Shutter Washi Tape Organizer

Shutter Washi Tape Storage

Instead of putting up old shutters for a garage sale, consider giving one a fresh coat of paint and using it as a backdrop for holding all your washi tapes via brass hooks. Here’s the DIY.

16. Cardboard Box Organizer

Do you often like to do your crafts outdoors in the deck? If yes, then having a portable craft organizer like this DIY cardboard box is a great thing to have. Make it with these instructions.

17. DIY Art Supply Stationery Organizer

Have separate slots for markers with a cubby-style arrangement that looks great on the walls. Check out the video for the instructions.

18. Art Folder organizer

This cardboard art folder is light enough to fit in your child’s schoolbag and ensure none of their coloring pens are lost over time.

19. Dollar Tree DIY Art Craft Organizer Caddy

Whether you want countertop storage or a wall-mounted functionality, this DIY shower caddy fitted with a wire basket is the way to go.

20. Pencil Organizer from Cardboard

Cute and creative, this craft organizer made with cardboard cutouts helps you neatly stack your accessories according to the frequency of their use.

21. Multipurpose Craft Wall Organizer

Mix and match plastic baskets of different sizes to fashion a multi-tiered craft rack from scratch.

22. Organizing Art Supplies

Knowing how to sort out your craft supplies makes all the difference in the world. This DIYer gives you easy hacks to get started.

23. DIY Art Supplies Organizer

A rotating disc for holding commonly used art stuff is great for countertop storage and also works double duty as decor.

24. Craft Supply Organization

Maximize the existing storage potential of drawer cabinets with clear plastic containers. This DIY is the perfect hack for craft-hoarders.

25. DIY Tube Art Supply Organizer

Here, six tp tubes cut down in the same sized and wrapped with washi tape attain new life as holders for numerous pens, scissors, and other craft tools.

26. DIY Glass Container Art Supply Organizer

Double up the storage efficiency of a rotating disc by using mason jars to separate different categories of craft items. Get different sizes of jars to add variety to the display.

27. DIY Home School Art Supply Station

A lovely handmade gift for your art-loving friend, this DIY art station requires some bit of woodworking skills to come together, but the result is sheer perfection, don’t you think!

28. Organize Coloring & Art Supplies

From foldable pencil bags to compact cases, this DIY tutorial gives you endless options to keep your coloring pens neatly arranged and within easy reach.

29. Custome DIY Art Supply Organizer

With all the colorful cups, art supplies, and the pleasure of rotating the Lazy Susan, this DIY is perfect for encouraging the kids on getting craft supplies organized.

30. Twine Wall Organizer

Art Supply Organizer Ideas5

Arrange your twine spools in this beautiful vintage display created with wooden dowels hung by cup hooks and bordered with laser cut frames. Here’s the DIY.

31. Large Mason Jar Organize Spools Of Thread

Mason Jar Thread Storage

A huge mason jar is a great holder to store twine, spools, buttons, and other sewing accessories. Here’s the DIY.

32. Paint Cubbies Organizer

Paint Cubies Organizer

While you’re still working on your dream craft room, consider sectioning a part of the bedroom wall for organizing your craft paint. This DIY is a pure genius because it improves sorting while adding color to the walls.

33. Fabric Organization

Fabric Organizer

This DIY shows you how to file extra fabric so that everything gets tucked away neatly and yet they’re easy to find and fish out when you need.

34. Ribbon Basket Organizer

Ribbon Basket Storage

Spend a dollar or two, get a basket, and make this uber-cool organizing solution for your ribbons. What an easy way to improve both crafting speed and efficiency! Here’s the DIY.

35. Paper Scrap Magazine Holders Organizer

Art Supply Organizer Ideas6

An artist is nothing without their paper scraps. Sort them colorwise with this simple box divider to dig out the ones you need with ease. Here’s the DIY.

36. Wooden Tower Ribbon Organizer

Wooden Tower Ribbon Storage

They say looking at pretty things makes one more creative. That coupled to handy storage are the two reasons you need to get this DIY ribbon holder for your craft table.

37. Pegboard Art Supply Organization

Pegboard Art Supply Storage

In this pegboard craft organizer, there’s room for all, from paint to canvas bags. Get the inspirational DIY here.

38. Bucket and Hook Organizer

Bucket And Hook Organization

One little trip to Ikea could go a long way to organize your craft room clutter. For example, the DIYer here mixed and matched a couple of Ikea buckets, hooks, and wire baskets to create various storage solutions.

39. Over the Door Craft Organizer

Add colorful accents to a plain white door with this multi-tiered rack that also holds all your craft paints in the process.

40. Wire Baske Paint Organizer

A minimalist wire basket is a great choice for holding paint as it is not only portable but also has a design that makes it easy to fit into the drawer or hang it up for wall display.

41. DIY Art Supplies Organize Roll (No Sew!)

Keep your craft pens neatly organized in this foldable, no-sew craft bag. Make one with this DIY.

42. Super-Easy Art Supplies Organization

Slip empty shoe pouches over the rings of a binder and cover its sides with colorful cardstock paper for a playful touch. This is a great hack to store small craft items that keep getting lost.

43. DIY Rotating Craft Caddy

This rotating craft caddy made with spray-painted tissue paper rolls come handy for when you’re in a deadline. And the sheer joy of spinning it around to get what you want is just something else.

44. DIY Kids Art Supply Organizer Tote

This DIY wooden craft box with cubby units for a better organization is sturdy yet lightweight enough to move around.

45. DIY Acrylic Paint Organizer

Who knew cardboard could look so pretty! This DIY acrylic paint organizer is a fun yet functional prop to beautify your craft corner instantly.

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