9 DIY Indian Costume Ideas You Should Try

Try these DIY Indian costumes for adults as well as kids to stand out in Halloween or a fancy dress competition!

1. Easiest Indian Costume Ever

DIY Indian Costume1

Repurposed from long-sleeved t-shirts, this DIY Indian tunic is super easy to craft out and makes a perfect last-minute Halloween costume.

2. Homemade Costume

DIY Indian Costume2

Collect a bunch of plumes, flowers, strings, and ripped fabrics, and you’re all set to create a stunning Indian look. Remember,  the garments can be anything, but it’s the little ornaments that make the difference. Take inspiration here.

3. DIY No Sew Kids Costume

DIY No Sew Kids Attire

Sometimes it’s best to keep it simple. Just dye a sizeable white shirt brown and let it speak for itself. Here’s the DIY.

4. Baby Girl Attire

Baby Girl Attire

This zero investment DIY gives you expert tricks to customize existing pieces of your kids’ clothing to create a unique Indian-inspired look to bring out the best of your child’s personality.

5. Easy DIY Indian Costume

Easy DIY Attire

This elaborately done Indian look gets its glamor from printed tribal leggings, while the tassel neckpiece adds a nice layer of detailing to break the monotony of the oversized top. Get the instructions to make your own with this DIY.

6. DIY Indian Costume

DIY Indian Costume3

This Halloween-special Indian look has been assembled using a DIY skirt made from a large brown shirt, a custom-made bralet, and a headband created with colorful feathers. Get all the details here.

7. Indian Fancy Dress

Fancy Dress Attire

The trick to success with a DIY Indian costume is to keep the dress part elaborate and straightforward with the headband. Take a cue from this tutorial and make your own using feathers, fabric, and cardboard.

8. Indian Girl Attire DIY

DIY Indian Costume4

It’s easy to look Indian using household supplies as well- such as an oversized brown shirt, red paint, stray feathers and fabric straps for the headband. Follow this DIY for more instructions.

9. DIY Little Costume

DIY Little Costume

When your tiny tot demands a wardrobe change to go with the mood of fall mornings, consider turning to this DIY. It is complete with an elastic headband, Johnny Depp-inspired hair and a frilly skirt with lots of textures.

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