42 DIY Cat Litter Box | Best DIY Cat Litter Box

Give your cat a personal space to freshen up with these DIY cat litter box ideas. All these ideas are easy to customize and great to maintain hygiene in your house!

1. Homemade Cat Litter Box

DIY Cat Litter Box1

If you’re having a hard time finding litter boxes that are deep enough for your big-sized kitties, consider these no-spill options made from Rubbermaid bins. Here’s the DIY.

2. DIY Wooden Bench/Litter Box

Made from an Ikea toy box, this fancy litter box enclosure has a matted top to prevent tracking of kitty litter and lots of space inside to fit in an air freshener and extra bags of litter. Here’s the DIY.

3. Storage Box Cat Litter Box

Making a cute litter box can’t be simpler than this- flip one snack box over the other, cut a hole for entrance and emboss kitty footprints on the side for pretty accents. Here’s the DIY.

4. Recycled Wine Case Litter Box

Hinge a wooden wine crate on one end for scooping access and line the bottom with plastic for easy clean-up, and you have a simple and inexpensive kitty litter solution within an hour. Here’s the DIY.

5. DIY Litter Box Cabinet

Hide your kitty’s private business with a reclaimed cabinet-turned-litter box with a removable top and a pet door for easy access. Here’s the DIY.

6. Litter Box With De-littering Cat Walk

Made by assembling deconstructed shelving boards, this durable litter box has extra compartments to maximum litter storage and an upper mesh framework to trap tracked kitty litter. Find the DIY here.

7. Repurposed Cabinet Into A Concealed Litter Box

Inspired from a combination of Ikea cat litter hacks, this space-saving DIY requires you to assemble cabinets and create cutouts on the top to confine the litter on the inside while allowing easy passage of your cat.

8. Amazing Litter Box Enclosure

Featuring an elaborate hallway for access, umpteen space to keep litter boxes for all your kitties and an arched door for visual appeal, this impressive litter center will have your friends raving about your ingenuity. Here’s the DIY.

9. Mess-Free Cat Litter Box

Made from an empty plastic bin, this low-cost litter box idea entails no mess, thanks to the opening on top that prevents litter tracking. Check out the DIY here.

10. DIY Cardboard Cat Litter Box

Durable and suitable to fit the needs of your beast and budget, the cardboard litter box is a nice way to get started on your homemade cat litter ventures. Follow the DIY in the video.

11. DIY The Best Litter Box

If you’re looking for an inexpensive giant litter box for your pudgy feline, consider this DIY video.

12. DIY Wooden Cat Litter Box

Encase your hideous litter box in this pretty and elegant wooden enclosure that looks like your child’s playpen. Watch the video tutorial.

13. DIY Litter Cube Litter Box

Cube-shaped bins give you the chance to house multiple sizes of litter boxes in a compact, space-saving solution.

14. DIY Top Entry Kitty Litter Box

With odor control, insulated inside and a top entry slot to prevent litter tracking, this Rubbermaid bin-turned-litter box is an inexpensive and durable solution for cat mommies on a budget.

15. Handmade cheapest litter box

If you want a solution that gets the job done, try this cardboard litter box DIY. It is easy on the wallet and can be completed in a single afternoon.

16. Custom Cat Litter Box

Customize a plastic storage container with cutouts for entrance and compartments for litter segregation. Make a bunch of them with this DIY to suit the needs of all your indoor kitties.

17. DIY Dog-proof Litter Box

Dog-proof your kitty litter box with an automated pet door integrated with a sound chip that allows selective access to your feline furbaby only. Follow the steps in the video.

18. Filing Cabinet Kitty Litter Box

The compact structure of the cabinet drawer combined with the easy pull-out design makes for a neat little furniture perfect for the kitty’s room. Here’s the DIY.

19. Self Venting Cat Litter Box

With a naturally odor-relieving, shellack-coated pan as the base, this self-deodorizing litter box has a pull-out cabinet structure to facilitate mess-free clean-up. Here’s the DIY.

20. DIY Hide Cat Litter Box

Sure, this DIY might require you to go on a shopping spree, but the results are the worth the effort, and permanent to boot, thanks to the wooden base and wire brackets for exit/entrance.

21. Mod White Litter Box Hider

Your cats deserve more than a shabby plastic box for litter. Consider this elaborate litter center for inspiration. It has a runaway for easy access, carpeting to trap the litter and even LED lights for a fancy touch. Make one with these instructions.

22. Little Dresser Turned Litter Dresser

Turn an ordinary dresser into a more functional, cat-friendly piece of furniture by hollowing out the drawers and fixing plywood at the base for the litter tray. Get the DIY here.

23. Console Table Litter Box

Decorated with soft curtains to welcome your furbaby, this pretty cabinet-turned-litter enclosure features easy restroom entrance and even has umpteen space to hide in extra bags of litter. Get the DIY here.

24. Side Table to Hidden Litter Box

Hiding the litter box hasn’t been easier than this! Prop it under the side table and fringe the top with curtains that match the beautiful coat of your cat. The instructions are here.

25. Litter Box Under the Sink

For someone that holds an important space in your heart, it’s important that you put aside some space for him in your cabinet as well. This DIY is all about that.

26. DIY Modern Plywood Kitty Litter Box

Kitty litter box furniture can be quite pricey-make your own with plywood, and you’ll have something fit for display. Follow the DIY here.

27. Natural Litter Box

Make your pet care routine as organic as possible with this no-fail, homemade litter formula including baking soda for odor control and olive oil for easy removal. Here’s the recipe.

28. DIY Ventilated Cat Litter Box

Fitted with a dryer vent and a PC fan, this self-ventilating kitty bathroom keeps the stinking odors of cat poop out of your home for good. Check out this DIY for instructions.

29. DIY Litter Box Furniture

With basic woodworking skills and a little help from this video, you can create an elegant kitty litter box enclosure from stained wood.

30. Litter Box Enclosure (DIY)

A two-tier drawer cabinet is a perfect solution for a large litter box center with a separate section for top entry and a neat little door to keep the odors confined within.

31. Pine 2×4 and 1×4 Cat Litter Box “Blanket” Chest

Here’s a great DIY to put that long-forgotten pinewood chest sitting in your attic into good use. Plus, you can swish it underneath the bed when you don’t want to spend time on sanding the wood.

32. Good Pet Stuff Plant Hidden Litter Box

Fashioned from a scuba bowl, this DIY litter box features a dome-shaped entrance that’s perfect to fit the size of your kitty’s head. and has bits of greenery inside to freshen up the litter naturally.

33. Stolmen Drawer Litter Box

This genius DIY lets you not only hide the litter box but even utilize the space above it for storing your stuff, making it a great solution for space-constrained apartments.

34. Litter “Room” Tucked-Under The Stairs

A tiny cat door under the staircase walls is a nice escape for kitties that get too much attention from living amongst toddlers. And of course, it can be a perfectly safe spot for the litter box as well. Here’s the DIY.

35. Mini Cat House Litter Cover

A giant visual improvement from the litter box lying in the middle of the room situation, this DIY wooden enclosure features a hinged roof for stability and another paneled one for ventilation as well as easy maintenance.

36. Litter Box Inside a Large Basket

Hide your cat’s bathroom in this fancy Ikea plastic wicker basket with a nice farmhouse feel to it. Details are here.

37. Odorless Cat Litter Box

No, you don’t have to scoop out your cat poop every time, nor get acclimated to the stink. This DIY shows you how to have an automated ventilation system in your cat litter system, provided you have no doubts or burglary concerns, keeping it on the window.

38. Hidden Cat Litter Box House

With a gabled roof and steeped angular sides, this A-frame enclosure upcycled from a side-table has hinged doors for easy clean-up and a circular opening for your feline friend to enter with ease. Get the DIY here.

39. DIY Farmhouse Style Cat Litter Box

A litter box that looks like a vintage piece of furniture and also has a nice opening on the side for your cats to come and go is something that both you and your furbaby will like. Get the DIY here.

40. Pallet Cat Litter Box

If you’re the happy owner of a humble plastic litter box, you may want to put in some effort and enclose it within this aesthetic wooden encasement made from empty crates. Here’s the DIY.

41. Sight Litter Box

As cute as they are, cats can also be mighty stinkers. If you’re constantly looking for new ways to hide their poo-poo boxes from plain view, consider making this artsy enclosure from an old television stand. Here’s the DIY.

42. Own DIY Cat Litter

Get the complete know-how of making cat litter at home, with nice ideas of customization in this lucid DIY that is particularly helpful for newbie cat owners.

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