14 Homemade DIY Essential Oil Recipes

14 DIY Essential Oil Recipes that you can make at home without any expensive equipment.

1. DIY Essential Oil Recipes

14 DIY Essential Oil Recipes that you can make at home without any expensive equipment.

With the help of this DIY, learn how to make your own essential oils at home without using the expensive distiller.

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2. Rose Petals Essential Oils

Make a scented oil infusion from handpicked roses to create a formulation perfect for soothing and hydrating acne-riddled skin. Here’s the recipe.

3. Eucalyptus Peppermint Essential Oil

This menthol-scented skin salve, enriched with the healing properties of peppermint and eucalyptus oils is great for opening up blocked sinuses and feeling energized. Follow this DIY to make it yourself. Check out these Eucalyptus oil benefits.

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4. Own Essential Oils Recipe

This detailed guide walks you through the different ways of extracting natural oils from plant parts, making it super easy for you to get started on your favorite recipe.

5. Essential Oil Recipe With Vodka

When extracting the essences of dried herbs and flowers at home, a dehydrator such as a vodka can be of great help. Find the complete instructions here.

6. Homemade Lemon Essential Oil

DIY Essential Oil Recipes

Tap into the stress-relieving properties of citrus fruits using lemon peels and cold-pressed olive oil. You can use this solution as a facial cleanser or a refreshing mist to wake up for work. Here’s the DIY.

7. Orange Essential Oil Recipe

Using orange rinds, you can extract orange oil and employ its aromatic benefits for cooking, cleaning and a variety of DIY beauty purposes. Follow this tutorial.

8. Homemade Essential Oil Recipe

For a good headstart to your DIY essential oil ventures, consider giving this video a quick glance. It walks you through the pros and cons of the different methods involved, and beginner’s tips as well.

9. Olive Oil and Lemon Essential Oil Recipe

Learn how you can make homemade lemon essential oil using fresh lemons in this video tutorial.

10. Easy Essential Oil Recipes

Using grapeseed oil as the neutral base, this DIYer created a deliciously scented lilac infusion for adding an uplifting touch of aromatherapy wherever needed, from body care products to dryer sheets.

11. DIY Sandalwood Essential Oil

Combine the goodness of almond and coconut oils with your favorite plant essence using this simple distillation formula outlined in this DIY.

12. DIY Lavender and Mint Essential Oil

Olive oil infused with crushed lavender flowers and mint leaves is a nice refreshing tonic perfect for use as a toner for balancing skin pH in the winter months. Get the DIY here.

13. Distillation of Mandarin Essential Oil

Put your steam distillation facility at home or lab into good use with this simple DIY mandarin oil that is the perfect antidote to early signs of aging.

14. Cinnamon Essential Oil

Enhance the versatility of this kitchen condiment by incorporating it in your hair care routine with this simple essential oil formula that gets ready in an hour. Here’s the DIY.

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