Does Ginger Repel Ants | Ant Repellent Recipes

Find out does ginger repel ants and how to prevent and deter them for good with homemade ant repellent recipes. Keep reading the article until the end.

What Are Ants?

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Ants are tiny social insects that relate to the ‘Formicidae’ family. They are 0.08 to 1 inches long in size. You can easily find 12,000 ants species and more on the earth. Ants are omnivores, meaning they can eat flowers, seeds, and animals. An individual ant can carry, more than 3 times its own body weight.

Does Ginger Repel Ants?

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Ginger can repel ants. It works because of its strong smell and flavor that ants dislike and find offensive. Some species of ants are not harmful, but, a few of them have the ability to destroy the wooden structure of your house. They can also infect the food sources as well. That’s why it’s vital to keep them far away from your home.

How to Repel Ants?

Try the below hack to deter the ants from your house with the help of ginger.

1. DIY Ginger Ant Repellent

DIY Ant Repellent

Infused with the goodness of ginger, this home remedy will keep the ants at bay.


  • Ginger Root
  • A Knife


  1. First, take a handful of ginger roots.
  2. Now, cut the ginger into slices using a knife.
  3. Then, put the slices near the holes, gaps, and wherever you see the ants.
  4. Instead of ginger slices, you can use a powder as well. Just sprinkle it around the ant holes and home entrances.

2. DIY Ginger & Garlic Ant Repellent

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Besides ginger, garlic is also an effective product to repel the ants from your home. Mix them both, and you will get a good ant repellent.


  • Handful of Ginger
  • Handful of Garlic
  • 1/2 Cup of Water
  • Empty Spray Bottle
  • Mixing Bowl
  • Small Funnel


  1. Blend a handful of each ginger and garlic, along with 1/2 cup of water into a blender to get a thick paste.
  2. Now, transfer the mix into an empty spray bottle using a small funnel.
  3. Spritz the solution around ant holes and other potential dwelling areas.
  4. Don’t let it get into your eyes. If it happens accidentally, then rinse with tap water.

How to Prevent Ants?

Besides repelling them from your property, it’s necessary to take some measures to prevent their future infestation.

  • Vacuum your home regularly.
  • Keep your kitchen sink clean.
  • Remove all the clutters from your lawn.
  • Store food in airtight sealed containers.
  • Repair cracks, holes, and gaps around the house to prevent their entrance.
  • Clean any food and liquid spillages quickly.
  • Empty your dustbins on a daily basis.
  • Clear your pet’s food bowl every day after the meal.


  • If your home is severely infested with ants, then call a professional pest control expert for further assistance.

After reading the above article, you will get to know how to tackle the ants effectively.

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