18 Awesome Banana Hacks That Works Everywhere

These 18 awesome Banana Hacks works everywhere! From your skin to home to garden. Check out!

1. Whiten Your Teeth with Banana Peel

This cheap and easy banana peel teeth whitening method ensures you have a pearly white glistening smile every day. Go to wikiHow for the tutorial.

2. Polish Your Shoes with a Banana Peel

Use banana peels from your breakfast as natural shoe polish. Rub the inside of a banana peel on your shoes and then use a soft cloth to remove any residue. Find the detail here.

3. Banana Body Sugar Scrub

As a mild astringent and moisturizer, banana is great for sensitive skin. The recipe is here!

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4. Banana Peel for Cracked Heels

This smooth and creamy banana mash heals cracked heels, making them soft and supple even when harsh winter sets in.

5. Banana Hair Mask

Loaded with antioxidants, oils, and vitamins, this banana hair mask is the perfect remedy for moisture-deprived, lackluster hair.  The wikiHow has the tutorial.

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6. Fertilize Tomato Plants

Banana peels enrich the soil with potassium, iron, and calcium. Helping the growing tomatoes to get nourishment throughout the season. We found the idea here.

7. Vinegar From Banana Peelings

Banana-flavored vinegar is a delightful balance of sweetness and caustic bitterness, making it a nice addition to any dish that calls for vinegar. Visit LIVESTRONG.COM for the how-to.

8. Banana Peel For Scratched Disks

Banana peels are natural scrubbers for erasing ink stains and polishing faded stuff like shoes and jewelry. The Real Living has nice house cleaning hacks with banana peels.

9. Polish Silver Using Banana Peels

This easy banana hack is an easy way to clean delicate silver pieces that would otherwise need professional help. Visit Apartment Therapy for the hack.

10. Banana Peel Brew a Compost Tea

Adding banana to your organic fertilizer mix is a smart way to ensure effective potassium supplementation to aid the blooming process of plants. Watch this YouTube video.

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11. Polish Wood Furniture with a Banana Peel

Bananas, even the rotten ones are eco-friendly options to wiping and polishing wooden furniture. Click here to learn more!

12. DIY Banana Face Mask For Acne, Wrinkles & Bright Skin

Banana facial mask is a nice beauty treatment for sun-damaged, acne-riddled, dull skin. We found the idea here.

13. Homemade Banana Hair Conditioner

This DIY banana hair conditioner contains vitamins and natural oils that seals split ends and restores the lost luster of your hair. Here’s the tutorial.

14. Using Banana Peels in Compost

Being vitamin-rich and easily biodegradable, banana peels are a great addition to every compost bin. Ensure you chop them before adding or make a semi-solid slurry. Avoid adding them whole as this will attract rodents.

15. Banana Lip Balm

This creamy banana-flavored lip balm wards off winter dryness and gives you baby soft lips. The ingredients and directions are here.

16. Remove Blackheads and Fade Dark Spots Using Banana

Banana is rich in vitamin C, which makes it perfect for unclogging pores and pulling out blackheads without causing redness in the process. The recipe is here.

17. Banana Shampoo for Shiny Hair

Massaging the scalp with banana mash before every wash condition them and makes them bouncy and shiny. We found the idea here.

18. Banana Protein Shake

Whether you want rippling muscles or an overall good bone health, drinking this yummy banana shake daily can help. Get the recipe here.

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