14 Best Deer Skull Mount Ideas

Want to step up your home decor game with a touch of nature? Take inspiration from these breathtaking Deer Skull Mount Ideas!

Deer skull mounts are more than just a hunter’s trophy. They bring a touch of wilderness into your home decor. Read these Deer Skull Mount Ideas that are easy to make and introduces natural element to the space.

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Deer Skull Mount Ideas

1. DIY Low-Cost European Deer Skull Mount

Deer Skull Mount Ideas 1

Who says stunning decor needs to break the bank? This low-cost deer skull mount shows how with a little creativity and a few supplies, you can create a chic, budget-friendly display. It’s an eye-catching centerpiece that will surely capture everyone’s attention.

2. DIY Rustic Wooden Deer Skull Mount Hanger

Deer Skull Mount Ideas 2

Check out this video tutorial and learn a quick, cheap, and easy way to display your European deer skull mount with a rustic look. Made from reclaimed wood, this mount idea not only gives your trophy a stunning display but also adds a raw, earthy touch to your space.

3. DIY Unique Deer Antler Mount

Deer Skull Mount Ideas 3

This unique deer antler mount, crafted from driftwood, gives an innovative twist to the traditional trophy display. It’s a decor element that perfectly captures the beauty of wilderness and coastal tranquility in one stunning piece.

4. Floral Deer Skull Mount

Deer Skull Mount Ideas 4

Featuring flowers and greenery, this skull mount is an eye-catching, conversation-starting piece. It’s one of the most amazing deer skull mount ideas that you can use to spice up any dull wall or living space.

5. $1 DIY Deer Skull Mount!

Deer Skull Mount Ideas 5

By using just an L bracket, tap bolt, and hex nut, you can create a stunning display for your deer skull. This low-cost project lets you showcase your trophy in an affordable and stylish way.

6. DIY European Deer Skull Mount With Broadhead Plaque

Deer Skull Mount Ideas 6

Learn how to make an arrowhead plaque for a boiled and bleached European skull mount in this video tutorial. It’s made from oak wood and stained dark to contrast the white bone and match the antlers.

7. European Mounted Deer Skull

Deer Skull Mount Ideas 7

Introducing the barn wood board deer skull mount! This innovative idea combines the rugged beauty of a deer skull with the rustic charm of a wooden board. It’s a truly unique and attention-grabbing addition to any rustic-themed interior.

8. Cheap Euro Deer Skull Mount

Cheap Euro Deer Skull Mount

Looking for a quick and inexpensive way to showcase your precious stag trophies? Check out this video tutorial for the step-by-step instructions. It’s one of the best wallet-friendly deer skull mount ideas.

9. DIY Wire Mounted Deer Skull

Deer Skull Mount Ideas 8

Grab self-tapping screws, decking screws, tie wire, and drill to mount your stag trophy. It’s a beginner-friendly project that doesn’t need any professional skills.

10. Deer Skull Pedestal Mount

Deer Skull Mount Ideas 9

In this video tutorial, the DIYer shows an easy way to make a wall-mounted pedestal for the European-style skull mount. This creative and cost-effective project lets you showcase your trophy with pride.

11. Cool Fake Gold-Painted Deer Skull Mount

Faux Gold-Painted Mount

Want to decorate your space with a deer skull but don’t want to engage in hunting? This faux gold deer skull mount is the perfect solution. With its opulent gold finish, this design brings a touch of elegance and intrigue to any space.

12. DIY Deer Skull Mount on Fence Post

DIY Euro Mount Display

Instead of traditional mounting methods like plaques and hooks, why not use a unique approach to showcase your deer skulls? Hang them on an old cedar fence post using screws. This creative idea creates an intriguing display that will surely attract a lot of eyeballs.

13. State-Shaped Deer Skull Mount

State-Shaped Mount

Display your favorite stag trophy on this unique state-shaped skull mount plaque for a captivating look. Made from wood, this idea lets you celebrate your hunting achievements and also adds a touch of local pride to your decor.

14. European Table Top Skull Mount

European Table Top Skull Mount

Powder-coated with a bronze metallic finish, this European tabletop mount is the best way to exhibit your hunting prize.

Please consider using faux deer skulls for decorative purposes. We strongly discourage hunting bucks for any reason.

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