12 Weird Makeup Ideas That Are Ultimately Creative

To stand out from the crowd, try these 12 weird makeup ideas. All these makeup ideas are fun and exciting.

1. 8 DIY Weird Makeup Ideas

Weird Makeup Ideas1

For all those who love fruits and makeup, this DIY unites both in an irresistible combination.

2. 7 DIY Weird Makeup Ideas

Makeup In Disguise

This cuddly burger toy is a plush rouge in disguise. What a perfect way to sneak in some makeup goodies without em’ knowing! Here’s the video tutorial.

3. 7 DIY Weird Makeup Ideas

Weird Makeup Ideas2

These makeup ideas are surely going to leave you amazed because of their uniqueness. Plus, there are some fun makeup pranks too. See the video here.

4. 10 DIY Weird Stress Relievers

Stretchy Lipstick

A stretchy lipstick that swells like bubblegum when you blow into it. Sound futuristic, right? Get the details here.

5. 10 DIY Weird Makeup Ideas

Weird Makeup Ideas3

While mainstream light bulbs are all about the light,  let your light bulbs be all about the gloss. For the instructions, see this video tutorial.

6. 9 DIY Makeup Ideas

DIY Ideas For Makeup

What looks like a somber diary on the outside is an elaborate makeup kit. Have fun fooling your friends! Check out this video for more details.

7. Avengers Makeup Idea

Makeup For Avengers Lovers

Only true Avenger fans would know that appropriate makeup is the best way of gearing up for the long-awaited premiere. We got the inspiration from here.

8. Miniature And Giant Makeup

Miniature And Giant Makeup

Defy accepted notions of makeup size with this mind-blowing tutorial.

9. Candy Makeup Tutorial

Candy Makeup Tutorial

Brighten up a dull outfit or be a show-stealer in any party with this rainbow-tinged lipstick. The video tutorial for it is here.

10. Galaxy Makeup

Galaxy Makeup

This shocking galaxy lipstick is for the bold women who have stardust in her genes. Follow this video tutorial to know more.

11. Christmas Pranks Makeup Ideas

Makeup For Christmas Prank

Forget about fruity makeup and try this peppermint-inspired lipstick that makes your lips pop out like candy. We found it here.

12. Halloween Pranks Makeup Ideas

Halloween Makeup Ideas

For the ultimate head-turning experience, pull off this eyeball prank while standing in a queue. Replicate it by following this video tutorial.

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